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Train with… Aimee Fuller

Train with… Aimee Fuller


Aimee Fuller: How does she keep in shape?

Next up is a lady who needs no introduction. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for… Aimee Fuller! The 2 X Olympian professional snowboarder let us have a sneak peek of her training regime.

Laura Crane got the Fuller treatment (pun intended) and we have to admit that Aimee did not hold back. However, Laura rolled, spun and hopped with it.

As we’ve heard from many athletes, yoga is a big component of what Aimee does. She utilises this time to focus on prehab and work on weaknesses.

The training session with Aimee involved a lot of power, stability, agility, mobility and core strength. See the full workout in the video above and make sure to give it a try.


Place three mini agility training hurdles one in front of the other and, at the end of that line, put a box. You will start with forward speed hops over the agility training hurdles. Once you have arrived at the end, go for the box jump using the momentum you have created. Now, don’t jump down. Do a twist with explosive power and stomp at your landing, stabilising the knees, the glutes and the core.


First exercise is the lateral plyometric banded jumps. Place a resistance band over your knees. Make sure knees face outwards all the time.

Second exercise is weighted cossack squat for weighted mobility. Place the barbell on the back of your neck and remember to engage your core. Feet should be a little further than shoulder distance. Lower down on one leg and then the other.

Next are the superman walkouts, but this version requires to have a workout buddy. However, if you workout alone, just do regular superman walkouts. This exercise is great for shoulder range and core activation. Go into plank position. Your partner will lift, hold your legs up and, then, pull you backwards. As a result you have to engage your core in order to move from plank to laying on your stomach with control.


Finally, we have pistol squats. Extend one leg in front of you and grab it with your same-side hand. Lower down to a deep squat and then push back up.

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