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Fitness Motivation: What’s Yours?

Fitness Motivation: What’s Yours?


Is it shopping that gives you that fitness motivation?

Do you want to succeed at getting fit? According to new research, you should start by going shopping. Data from the Decathlon Activity Index 2019, a study of more than 7,600 UK adults, gave us some really interesting insights. First of all, it reveals that one in three adults under the age of 44 use clothing as their fitness motivation. This may be having a new outfit as an incentive to go to the gym or simply new workout kit. In addition, just under a quarter of the sample (23%) said that they feel more confident in the gym when wearing a new outfit. Most people (79%) need to feel good about themselves in order to exercise, according to the study. As a result, that explains why getting the right outfit is such an effective motivation. Better save those pennies then!

Every single day, social media users upload thousands of photos and videos from their gym sessions. On the contrary, the study claims that gym selfies are a no-no. The vast majority, and more specifically 95% of people, said they wouldn’t take a gym selfie or post their workout on social media.

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