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Life Lessons – Colonic hydrotherapy

Life Lessons – Colonic hydrotherapy


lifelessonsColonic hydrotherapy is a safe way of removing old toxins and accumulated waste from the body and which will improve overall health and wellbeing. The accumulated toxins manifest themselves in the body by bloating, candida, diarrhoea and flatulence (colon), asthma and halitosis (lungs), eczema, psoriasis and acne (skin), weight gain and obesity (fat cells)

The therapy cleanses the colon, one of the most important organs in our body and which carries out a number of vital functions, from the digestive process, to protecting us from disease and infection. Those that practice sport regularly and need to be at their optimum fitness find colonic hydrotherapy extremely beneficial because it is a natural way of detoxifying the body. In fact, the absorption and synthesis of certain vitamins (K and B), minerals, fatty acids and water-soluble nutrients that take place in the colon is increased if the colon is clear.


Apart from general health and wellbeing colonic hydrotherapy can:
· Improve metabolism and absorption
· Enhance energy levels
· Reduce stress
· Enhance mental clarity
· Wash out toxins after a sports event
· Enhance sports performance prior to an event
· Clearer skin
· Improve metabolism
· Decrease size and softening of abdominal area

What is it? 

lifelessons2Colonic hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle bath that sends warm purified water in to the lower bowel and colon to effectively cleanse years of excess waste, pollutants and toxic substances. This rebalances the colon by replacing it with friendly bacteria and bowel flora.
Colonic hydrotherapy is not habit forming and actually improves the tone of the colon. The treatment takes about 30-45 minutes. Special massage techniques are performed on the abdomen to stimulate the release of the waste products to aid the detoxification process and cleansing.
Colonic hydrotherapy potentially cleanses the body of harmful substances which the colon has not been able to discharge. While not a cure for any disease or ailment, the treatment is considered an important adjunctive therapy to help rejuvenate and maintain over health.

The key to good health and vitality

A clean, strong and well-functioning colon is essential to maintaining optimal health and three colonic sessions over a maximum of three months will achieve this. Once the cleanse is complete and a healthy diet and exercise regime is in place, a colonic maintenance program of one session every three months is advised to sustain increased energy levels and vitality. Follow @ColonicDetoxing or visit incleanse.co.uk for more info


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