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Hit your stride

Hit your stride


hit your stride
There’s more to running than simply racking up the miles. here we help you build your core…

Think of running training and you’ll no doubt conjure images of people pounding the streets while they put in the hard yards. in fact, this time of year, with half and full marathons all over the place and improving weather, people are getting into their stride. however, you need more than just cardio if you’re going to raise your game.

“This workout is designed to strengthen the muscles required for running as well as working on the core,” explains BESTFIT’S Coach Potts. “It is essential to have a good strong core when running to both improve you technique, force output when driving through the heels and to help prevent injuries due to the high impact nature of the movement.”

So, consider weaving this session into your weekly schedule… and marvel at the difference

hit your stride3



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