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Issue 12: Chloe Madeley

Issue 12: Chloe Madeley


Chloe-Madeley, Issue 12 feature article As anyone who follows my fitness journey will know, I get a hell of a lot of flack on social media, gossip websites and in the press for both the way I look and for what I have chosen to do with my life. A few years ago, such criticism would have torn me apart. But today, I love what I do, I love how I look, and I could not care less what my critics think of it.

If you love being curvy, be curvy! If you love feeling skinny, feel skinny! If you love having muscle, build muscle! The only thing I’d say is try to do all of the above in a healthy way. There are ways to do all of the above and still eat healthy foods and avoid under or over exercising.

If we can all individually make the choice to look how we want while making health a priority, if we can start supporting each other instead of tearing each other down, and if we can side line the critics, we can actually have an impact on society and body image. Eat clean most of the time, treat yourself sometimes, move your body, sleep well, drink water and achieve your own aesthetic goals.


Every day I receive emails and comments on my social media from men and women looking to ‘spot fat reduce’.

To ‘spot fat reduce’ means to shed fat from target areas, such as your stomach, legs, arms, back etc…This is quite a divisive topic amongst fitness professionals, but I am of the opinion that it is IMPOSSIBLE to do.

In both my personal experience of training myself and professional experience of training others, I have come to find that when we shed fat, we shed it evenly from all over our bodies, the more stubborn areas being the last to go.

Stubborn areas are hormonal and genetic footholds of fat, and they WILL respond eventually if you are 100% on point with your diet and training. However, they are often the reason people give up prematurely, and I cannot stress enough that full body transformation is possible if you stay consistent.

You need to get your diet and training right, which takes time and research, but if you can get a handle on it, that last roll of belly fat will disappear eventually. Trust me.

There is no magic pill, no fitness genie; it is up to you, so do not give up!