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BESTFIT Issue 12 Challenge

BESTFIT Issue 12 Challenge


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Welcome to this month’s BESTFIT Challenge brought to you by Premier Training International. This month we have decided to dispel the common belief that core training is limited to sit ups and leg raises! This challenge is the perfect addition to mix up your workout routine and ensures the entire core area is engaged through a range of different exercises.

Premier Course Leader and Tutor, Nikos Skevis takes us through the Core 100 Medicine Ball Complex Challenge. Designed to give your core an absolute blasting, this challenge provides a series of great ab-sculpting exercises which target the entire core region – all you will need is a training partner and a medicine ball. The challenge can be performed almost anywhere, so now you have no excuses!

medicine ball training

Around since Ancient Greece, the concept of medicine ball training remains one of the most tried and tested methods of strength and conditioning training. Adaptable, portable and versatile – exercises with medicine balls can be manipulated to target various body parts and work towards specific training goals. For example, short sets of heavy medicine ball throws can be used to develop explosive power, whilst higher repetitions of lighter throws provide a thorough test of muscular endurance.

Medicine balls are a staple fixture in gyms and health clubs across the country and it’s no surprise why. They can be incorporated into a range of different exercises to add resistance including crunches and leg raises and can also be used to develop balance and stability – try doing a press up with your hands on top of a medicine ball!

the challenge

As the name of the challenge suggests, the Core 100 Medicine Ball Complex Challenge requires you to complete 100 repetitions across three different exercises, in the fastest time possible. Each of the exercises has been chosen to focus on three different areas of the core, targeting the upper and lower abdominals, obliques and lower back so it’s safe to say you will be feeling this one the day after if performed correctly.

Make sure you or your partner keeps count of your reps and try to keep your form as best as possible throughout the three exercises. Once completed, make sure to post your best time in the comment box below the video.

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If the Core 100 Medicine Ball Complex Challenge has whet your appetite to this fantastic form of training, check out our FREE online Medicine Ball Training Course. This course will give you an insight into how to perform and teach a variety of highly effective medicine ball exercises.

Bestfit issue 12 Challenge


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