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BESTFIT Issue 10 – Life Lessons

BESTFIT Issue 10 – Life Lessons


BESTFIT Issue 10 - Life Lessons coverIn this day and age it is important men look after their skin. A healthy diet and exercise do a great to job to promote skin health but a poor regime can play havoc. Years of neglect can result in a proliferation of dead skin cells and debris, which can cause clogging pores, acne, dullness lines and wrinkles. Also, regimes such as shaving can create unique problems including razor burn, ingrowing hairs and dry skin.

One solution is Dr Murad’s facial signature treatment, which uses pharmaceutical-grade products that deliver immediate results. The facials are an inclusive treatment prescriptive to men and which helps soothe irritated skin, clean clogged pores, hydrates and removes dullness. Hydration improves skin’s own natural protective barrier, actively plumping the skin.

This 30-minute facial consists of a cleansing cream with Vit E and anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories to soothe and heal. An exfoliation mask uses pomegranate and ginkgo biloba extracts to fight free radicals, natural enzymes to free the skin of impurities, while Sodium PCA softens, conditions and hydrates. A soothing massage cream is then applied as an anti-inflammatory waterbased product to restore suppleness and revealing smoother, silkier skin. This will then be tailored to each individual concerns and is followed by a clarifying cream mask to soothe dehydrated or sensitive skin. This ritual is completed with a facial massage, eye cream, sensitive skin soothing serum, essential C day moisturiser and soothing lip balm.

The Dr Murad recipe uses hydrators, anti-oxidants and antiinflammatories all cosmeceutical grade, which means that the products penetrate the skin by 20% compared to other products on the market, which penetrate only 0.4%. This is the equivalent of having six cosmetic treatments!

A second solution is Microdermabrasion, which removes the surface layers by intensive exfoliation. The treatment is totally painless and has no down time, very male-friendly! The treatment involves crystals that gently exfoliate the skin whilst the vacuum system removes dead skin cells from the epidermis and encourages blood flow to the surface. Regular treatments can diminish fine lines and wrinkles, cleanse pores, remove blackheads and improve acne, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation from sun damage.

The treatment involves cleansing the skin with an appropriate cleanser and begins with a wand smoothing over the skin. After the 30-minute treatment, the skin is treated with soothing serum and SPF 30 moisturising cream, lip balm and essential C eye cream.

You’ll look as good as new…

BESTFIT Issue 10 Life lessons


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