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Nike running glasses, skinsuits, smart belts and more!

Nike running glasses, skinsuits, smart belts and more!


Shades, skin suits and smart belts… it’s our monthly round-up of what’s hot.

Nike Bandit Running Sunglasses


Performance meets style with these lightweight sunglasses, designed for running, training and more. Soft rubber channels wick away sweat and grip the
skin, while openings in the temple arms prevent fogging for ultimate clarity.
A stylish solution for sunshine running.

Price: £95.40 www.shadestation.co.uk

Skyn Athletics Suit


First the condom industry, now the world of athletics. SKYNFEEL APPAREL has now created a long jump performance suit using ultra-soft material and inspiration from biomimicry. The design includes wing-inspired flaps along the edge of the body for an aerodynamic boost and upward lift.

Price: TBC www.skyn.com

Altra IQ Bluetooth Running Shoes


A stylish running shoe designed with an ultra-thin sensor embedded into the midsole and paired with iFit technology to provide real-time feedback and coaching as you move. Measuring cadence, landing zone, impact rate and ground contact time, it’s a runner’s best accessory.

Price: TBC (Launched early summer 2017)  www.altrarunning.com

Greenwich Ipad Case



A range of luxury iPad cases, made using carbon fibre and fine European leather for a sleek and highly durable result. Includes magnetic sleep/wake system, front-facing kick-stand for landscape hands-free use and ergonomic cut outs for access to ports and controls.

Price: £200 www.greenwich.design

KIND Snack Bars


A nutritious and taste-bud friendly range of snack bars using only the best ingredients, that won’t hurt the waistline. Gluten free, high in fibre and with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, you’ll feel fab from the inside with these in your lunch box. Flavours include ‘Nuts and Spices’ and ‘Fruit and Nut’.

Price: from £1.25 www.kindsnacks.co.uk

Skandika Nemo Rower

Skandika Nemo Rower

No matter what the weather is doing, and without even leaving your home, you can now row to the unique sound and motion of water thanks to the Skandika Nemo Rower.

The natural, gentle sound of rushing water accompanies every stroke, and at the same time helps you achieve cardiovascular improvements… perfect for mind and body. The Nemo Rower is unique in that you can sense the element of water with every stroke, and the natural resistance works your body’s muscles while relaxing your mind. This means you can enjoy the closest thing to genuine rowing without even stepping into the water. And remember, you don’t need to worry about attrition, because water is tireless!

You can adjust the resistance – so increase as you get fitter – while monitoring your performance using the LCD display. You can set certain programmes for time, strokes and speed. You can also track your strokes per minute and calories burned as you go. It also boasts Fluid Resistance Technology, which essentially means you can work your technique flow ‘dead spots’. And with built-in transport wheels, it’s also easy to transport, assemble and maintain. Winning!

Price: from £699 various outlets

Beast Sensor


A set of state-of-the-art lifting motion sensors designed to track all weights, machines and bodyweight exercises. Able to stream data on strength, power and speed for each lift, so you know exactly how hard you’ve been working during each training session.

Price: £225 (Ships worldwide)  www.thisisbeast.com

Spire Tracker

Spire Tracker

A waist-worn fitness tracker that primarily monitors your breathing, whilst also counting steps. Connecting to an app, it combines GPS location with any pictures taken during times of the day when you’re breathing was at certain levels. Featuring sleek stone design.

Price: £119.95 www.apple.com

WELT Smartbelt


A ‘smart’ belt designed to track your waistline by monitoring food intake, activity levels and actual waist size. It gives information on whether you’re over/under eating, gaining/losing weight and how many steps you’re taking. Connects to an app to offer support, guidance and encouragement.

Price: £75 www.kickstarter.com



Made from soft silicone and silkscreen electrodes, this wearable training gear uses CMM Pulse technology to offer the best in Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Several designs to target specific areas of the body. Simply attach using the gel sheets and feel your muscles work.

Price: From £109.99 www.sixpad.uk

Smart Rope


A sleek LED-embedded jump rope that can display your fitness during your mid-air workouts. Software updates will allow you to track calories burned and interval training data for a fully informed training session. Connects to an app to send real time info straight to your smartphone.

Price: $79.99 www.tangramfactory.com

PACK’d frozen smoothie kits

As life gets increasingly hectic, we’re after quicker ways to eat healthier. This is why, along with the long list of benefits, that more and more people are turning to juicing, or including smoothies in their diets. Pack’d is the world’s first frozen smoothie kit with targeted nutrition. The brainchild of two friends frustrated by a lack of tasty and high-quality nutrition on the high street, Pack’d smoothies have been designed by nutritionists to include flash-frozen fruit or veg alongside a blend of four superfood boosters, and all supplying 25% of your daily fibre for natural absorption. They’re designed to deliver a source of real and targeted nutrition quickly, so perfect for a post-gym hit or morning boost. Whatever your situation, when you’re short on time, these kits not only take away the hassle of having to stock or buy all the ingredients, they also enable you to see exactly what you’re blending. And because they’re frozen, there are no hidden preservatives or wasted ingredients.

They take less than a minute to blend and you can choose your accompanying liquid, including coconut water, almond milk, juice or water. There are three core flavours to choose from. Detox contains pineapple, apple, spinach, kale, ginger and lemon alongside Spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and barleygrass, and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. Energy, which helps protect cells from oxidative stress, combines strawberry, blueberry, banana, raspberry, blackcurrant and spinach with flax seed, maca, cacao and guarana. Defence, designed to help the immune and nervous systems function, and to protect cells from oxidative stress, combines pineapple with mango, papaya, banana, ginger and goji berries alongside flax seed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed and baobab. Each kit is non-GMO and gluten free, as well as paleo and vegan friendly.

Price: £3.50 per pack www.packd.co.uk

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