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Tyre training with a twist, the Jordan Tufnut

Tyre training with a twist, the Jordan Tufnut



There’s nothing like tossing a tyre around to develop strength, power and give you an all over body workout. However, tyres can be difficult to control; it’s not easy working safely and with the correct form.

Now, thanks to Jordan fitness, you can achieve the same results as you would flipping a tyre in greater safety thanks to the new TufNut, a hexagonal sturdy steel frame surrounded by super resilient foam and covered with a strong PVC cover. It’s tyre training with a twist!

TufNut provides the challenges of a tyre with all the control you want. There are straps on various faces – and various weights available – so you can jump, flip, roll, lift, push, pull and walk until your heart and muscles are content. And they haven’t called it TufNut for nothing, for it’s extremely resilient. Essentially, it offers one bit of kit for a complete, killer workout with complete control, stability and safety, and it can be used indoors and out.

“A lot of work has gone into the ergonomic positioning of the handles, the ‘Nut’ style shape and the variety of different exercises that the product can be used for,” explains Zak Pitt, Jordan Fitness managing director. “With the TufNut™ we feel we’ve developed a product equally at home in a boutique gym or at an outdoor boot camp.” Boot camp-style training at home? Sounds good to us.