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The Mambo Brothers, talk about their famous Ibizan Bar, and their new music track Momento

The Mambo Brothers, talk about their famous Ibizan Bar, and their new music track Momento




Christian and Alan Anadon, better known as THE Mambo Brothers, have been born and raised in Ibiza and now run the famous bar of the same name….

Your parents founded Cafe Mambo. Did they ever share why they were advised not to found it back in 1994?

Back then the sunset strip didn’t exist and it was quite out of the way. There was only two venues there, Cafe del Mar and a local bar called Rey De Copas, which today is Mint Lounge. It was an area where not many people used to go to. So nobody expected it to become what it is today!

What’s unique about Mambo and how do you think it grew to become one of the most iconic bars in the world?

It’s a mixture of great location, with what is now the world’s most famous sunset, plus an amazing spectrum of music, and a really great vibe. You see so many happy faces down at Mambo every day and night.

You’ve now taken over ownership. Do you feel there’s any pressure or expectation on you to be taking over one of the biggest brands in dance music?

We have been working at Cafe Mambo since the beginning. We’ve learned just about every job there is to do – from dishwasher to marketing, waiting tables to bar-tending! Of course, we want to show our parents we are able to do a great job, so there’s always a bit of pressure, but Mambo is really our home – it’s where we grew up!

Juicing has become really popular here in the UK. We visited Marbella recently and found the majority of bars and hotels were still only offering fruit smoothies. Is that why you’ve been introducing juicing at Mambo?

We have been selling fresh juices at Mambo for a few years now. We actually have a great daytime menu from 10am, where people can have juices and protein shakes. At night, it’s more about the cocktails though. In 2015, we also opened a venue in San Antonio called Café Bondi, which is near the main square, and serves cold-pressed juices, healthy food and all that yummy stuff. So the trend is definitely coming here too.

Would you ever consider branching out and setting up new Mambo’s across the world?

Of course – with the right location, the right vibe, we’d definitely be up for it! We’re actually looking into a few different ideas at the moment.

Ibiza’s economy is founded on its clubs, but it’s being seen by more and more people as a healthy holiday destination. Hardwell told us back in the summer there is a lot more to discover on the island. Can you tell us about some of the places our readers need to visit and also let us know where you work out?

There are so many! Ibiza is sunny almost every day of the year, so there are a lot of outdoor sports available. Hiking around the island – if you go around the coast, it’s really beautiful. We like to start at Hostal La Torre and walk along the west coast over the Punta Galera. It’s magic. We also love scuba diving and recommend the dives to Es Vedra and Ses Margalides. We like to mountain bike as well – there are great trails all around the island. You bike by 500-year-old Ibizan fincas (houses), where it feels like time has stopped! We try to work out outside as much as possible with our personal trainer. Our favourite is when he takes us running along Salinas beach. Tough workout, but the view makes it all worth it! We also go to the gym near Mambo called Fraile. It’s very convenient in the summer months!

Ibiza is seen by many as a spiritual destination. Do you still think it’s worthy of that reputation and why?

YES, 100 per cent. Ibiza is not only a spiritual place it is really magical too. Ibiza has been a very special place for people way before the hippies during the sixties. Centuries ago, the Phoenicians used to come from all over the Mediterranean and build temples out of stones – you can still see ruins all over the island. They would come to Ibiza to enjoy their last days in the sunshine.

Your popularity as DJs is growing and your tour schedule has exploded this year. Is it possible to stay healthy on tour? If so, how do you manage it?
By not asking for too much alcohol in our rider! We try our best to use the gym at the hotels, and to choose our meals wisely. If we’re away for more than two weeks, it’s hard! I try to always bring our emergency workout kit: a TRX and a resistance band.

What was your greatest achievement in 2016?

Musically, it has been the release of our first ever track, Momento. Seeing how well it was received, how many amazing DJs and artists played it, getting it on the soundtrack of a film and a video game, and signing it to one of our favourite record labels – it’s been a very special journey.

What’s in store for you guys in 2017?

We’ve been to Morzine in the Alps, which was followed by Asia and Miami in February and March. We’re also at We Are FSTVL in May and making our plans for Ibiza this summer.

Give us a top 10 that we can share with our readers…


Phil Weeks – The Rhythm (Original Mix)

Serge Devant, Sabb, Forrest – Waiting (Bontan Remix)

Guy Gerber, Deniz Kurtel – Here Comes the Rain (Original Mix)

Ray Okpara – Airplains (Original Mix)

Edu Imbernon, Droog (LA) – Spectral (wAFF Remix)

Ross Evans – Scam (Original Mix)


Submission – Women beat their men (cevin’s peak hour dub remix)

Paolo Rocco, Detlef – Judgement (Detlef’s ‘drags me’ remix)

Daniel Dubb – Little Helper 260-5 (Original Mix)

Motor City Drum Ensemble – Frontin (Original Mix)