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BESTFIT Issue 16 – Reviews

BESTFIT Issue 16 – Reviews



On the fourth day of Christmas my true love said to me… ‘could I have a slow juicer, yoga mat and matte black kettlebell, please?

Fitbit Aria WI-FI Smart Scale

Fit-bitA high-tech scale that can track your weight, body fat percentage and BMI. It can transfer all data gathered over to your Fitbit account using Wi-Fi, making it easier than ever to track and analyse every aspect of your body transformation and progress.

Price: £78


Merrell Mix Master Move 2

Merrell-mix-master-moveA sleek runner designed using M Select GRIP outsoles for durable traction, MBound midsole cushioning for immediate feedback and a breathable mesh lining to reduce odour. Throw in reflective detailing for increased visibility, and you’ve got yourself an effective trail running shoe.

Price: £85


TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Watch

tom-tomNavigate your training sessions using this GPS tracking trainer watch. Featuring a built-in heart rate monitor and five training zones to choose from, you can easily match your training goals to the design of the workout itself. Even using GPS the battery can last up to 10 hours, so don’t be afraid to push yourself.

Price: £209.99


Hurom Slow Juicers

Hurom-slow-juicerJuicing: everyone’s at it, right? Well, yes, pretty much. We bet if we looked in most of our readers’ kitchens we’d find a blender or juicer of some description. And so you should, for the body can absorb and digest fruit and veg far quicker when juiced rather than eaten in its full form. And if you’re really serious about it, you could do a lot worse than add a Hurom Slow Juicer to your armoury. The Hurom team have raised the stakes with their range of slow juicers, which come in red, silver, white or silver (so compatible with most kitchen designs).

As you’d expect, the name probably gives it away, this slow juicer uses a slower Cold Press or squeezer technique, similar to squeezing with your hands, which creates the most nutritionally potent juice you can make at home. In fact, by causing little damage to the nutrients, you can get up to five times more living enzymes and nutrients. Using the slow juicer makes juice far superior (up to 50% more juice than conventional juicers), healthier and fresher, with more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and minimal frothing.

There are other benefits, too. For example, they’re safer (no blades), easier to clean (rinse under a tap – this one’s a biggie!) and economical (they use ten times less electricity). They guarantee little to no separation in your juice and make it easy to create your own nut milks and ice creams. What’s the catch, we hear you cry?  Well, prices start at £299, which is more than your average juicer, but then that’s the point, this is not your average juicer…

Price: £299


Jawbone Up Move

Jawbone-up-moveSporting a minimalistic design, this water resistant clip-on pedometer allows you to track steps and sleep with ease, whilst also doubling as a stop watch. With a long-lasting six-month battery life and optional wristwatch accessories, the Up Move offers simplicity and affordability without compromising performance.

Price: £33


Yogangster Yoga Mat

yo-gangster-yoga-matCreated by international DJ and yoga enthusiast Goldie, Yogangster encourages more guys to get involved in yoga class. Sporting bold designs, these 3mm PVC mats offer a stylish accompaniment to any yoga session.

Price: £25


Garmin Virb 1080p HD Action Camera

Garmin-virb-1080p-HD-action-cameraDesigned to capture any action shot perfectly using its WideVu lens and 16 megapixel CMOS sensor, this waterproof camera also uses Digital Stabilisation and Lens Distortion Correction features to promise clear footage on bumpy rides. Comes complete with remote control and longlasting 2000 MAH lithium-ion battery for up to three hours of non-stop recording.

Price: £149.99


Sony Smart-B Trainer

Sony-Smart-B-TrainerTechnology with built-in heartrate sensor and 16GB MP3 player, these headphones can match the track with the type of workout, using Sony software to analyse beats per minute. They also come complete with GPS tracking, compass, gyroscope and barometer, helping you to keep note of progress.

Price: £229.99


Bellum Active Wear

Bellum-Active-wearBellum active is a high quality, affordable range of stylish active wear designed to suit the needs of all women who are inspired to perform and look their best using the latest technical fabrics. These high-quality fabrics are crucial, because active women perform better with the right product. That’s the opinion of the brainchild behind the company, Jodi Kerschl, who takes part in a range of marathons, triathlons and more. Her experience has helped her create items of clothing that are comfortable to wear when the body’s under pressure. Not only that, she’s fused these fabrics with bright colours that have helped her, and now many others, stand out from the crowd while training or competing. From sports bras and tanks, to tights and workout capris, Bellum have got everything you need, whatever your activity.

Prices range from £19 – £34


Custom Gym Equipment

Custom-gym-equiptmentLuxury Pro Dumbbells.

These are custom made, available in all colours including metallic. Ideal Xmas gift, order now in time for Xmas. 5 pair set 2.5kg to 12.5kg tough gloss powder coating finish. Normal price £1200 now 25% off for a limited time only.

Stylish space saving racks available.

Normal price: £1200, now 25% off for a limited time only.

Price: £900, save £300


Email: info@customgymequipment.co.uk

Monster Isport Strive Headphones

Monster-Isports-Strive-HeadphonesDesigned to withstand any activity, these durable headphones are machine washable, heat resistant and sweat-proof. With an in-line microphone and Noise Isolation Factor 50, you can stay safe and connected during your workouts.

Price: £34.99


Again Faster Team Kettlebell

Again-faster-team-kettlebellKettlebells are one of the simplest and yet most broadly functional pieces of equipment. If you’re not using them by now, you’re doing fitness all wrong!

They’re perfect for cultivating strength, stability, and explosiveness, and kettlebell movements train core-toextremity motor patterns that are universally applicable. They can be used in the gym, at home or on the move… perfect for us all.

The Again Faster Team Kettlebells have been designed to bring you this functionality along with unmatched durability, grip, and ease of use. A textured, matte black powdercoat finish offers superior grip (and helps you avoid callouses on your fingers) while a flat and seamless bottom means you can put it down without fear of losing your toes.

Ranging from 4kg to 36kg, they’re colour-coded with painted rings on the handles for easy identification. Brilliant.

Price: £15-£81


Asics Winter Running Gloves

Asics-Winter-Running-GlovesMoisture wicking, wind-locking gloves made to keep your hands warm and dry during those winter runs. Using highly reflective material to keep you safe, these gloves also come complete with index finger touch function, allowing you to use your smartphone with ease as you run.

Price: £12.49


Elgato Avea Smart LED Lightbulb

Elgato-Avea-smart-Led-LightbulbUsing Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi technology, this energy-efficient LED lightbulb allows you to control the colour of the lighting around your home using your smartphone; it’s compatible with both Android and iOS. A perfect gadget gift for tech lovers.

Price: £39.95


Breakfast Maker

Breakfast-makerAn appliance that allows you to toast bread, boil or poach eggs and grill bacon all at once. The breakfast maker also includes a pull-out crumb tray and nonstick frying pan to keep things clean, and turns itself off after cooking to avoid fire hazards. Every breakfast lover needs one of these.

Price: £59.99


Archer & Peyton Socks

Archer-and-Peyton-socksChristmas socks get classy with the Archer & Peyton collections. Designed in London and produced in Italy, these 100% Egyptian Cotton socks will keep your toes warm and comfortable this winter. They’re available in various colours, patterns and designs to please all sock lovers this Christmas.

Price: £13


Biafitness Biabox

Biafitness-BiaboxEvery year, we see new products emerge that are so simple, yet so effective we’re left thinking ‘why didn’t we think of that?’ The BIAbox™ is the perfect example.

Cleverly designed to give you the largest and widest range of bodyweight exercises from a single piece of equipment, this box offers a complete body workout at your fingertips.

It enables you to do over 50 exercises in all, 40 are recommended BIAbox™ only exercises, with a further 10 recommended for use with the BIAmat or similar cushioning device. Exercises include triceps dips, plyometric jumps, isolation workouts and gymnastic rows and presses.
It’s incredibly versatile, strong and small enough to sit in the back seat of your car. It can be carried around at home or in the gym, or even carried like a backpack.

It has new workout ideas printed onto its surface to inspire you, and newlyadded mobile device compatible NFC tags and QR codes providing immediate access to loads of extra instructional videos. Clever!

Price: £249



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