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How you can avoid a sleep deprived diet

How you can avoid a sleep deprived diet


Sleep Deprived Diet


sleep deprived dietHave you been struggling to keep your head off the desk during the day? Apparently millions of us Brits are feeling sleep deprived; a study of 2000 UK adults, commissioned by Simba Sleep, found 69% felt a lack of sleep. The cause? Diet. Of those surveyed, one in five believe spicy foods will help in the quest for a decent night’s rest; one in ten thought an evening coffee helped bring on sleep, and almost half reported enjoying a boozy nightcap. No wonder we’re struggling to snooze. Lying down after a spicy meal is a great cause of heartburn, while fatty foods high in protein digest slowly, upsetting our ‘Circadian Rhythm’. Booze may seem like a great sleep starter, but it’ll prevent us achieving a deep sleep and – as we all know – will cause grogginess in the morning. Try swapping your usual bedtime snacks for bananas or oats (both rich in melatonin) or go for magnesium packed almonds. Sleep tight!

1 in 10 Britsare kept up by insomnia

The average British adult gets only 6 hours and 28 minutes of sleep a night

53% are unable to stop their minds racing once bedtime hits


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