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National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day


Happy National Fitness Day everybody.

There are a few different types of reactions expected from the people who hear those words:

1 – WTF is National Fitness Day? Who cares??!! Leave me out.

2 – Yes, it is finally here! I didn’t sleep last night because I was too excited, and I have already done 7 sessions today.

3 – Bugger, I forgot that today was National Fitness Day. I have been busy all day, but this evening instead of watching all the soaps, I am prepared to find 20 minutes to fit in some exercise.

The people in category 1 are probably not going to be reading a post from a market-leading health and fitness publication (😉)…yet! But we know who they are, and we are working on them, don’t worry.

The people in category 2 don’t actually exist anywhere other than in the deluded minds of a huge minority. There are a lot of us who think that we fit into category 2 but when it comes down to it, the only thing that kept us awake last night was trying to decipher Boris’ message, figuring out whether we are more likely to be sent to prison for chatting to the neighbour over the fence without a tape measure in sight or not being tucked up in bed safely by 10pm on the dot, and of course the noise from the impromptu garden-gathering 3 doors down who were cramming in their freedom while they still can.

I will stick my neck on the line that most of us fit into category 3, more so than 1 or 2.

We mean well, but we have had lots of more important things to do so far today.

The good news is that there are still plenty of waking hours left for you to do something, no matter how big or small. You see, National Fitness Day is about awareness more than anything. So technically speaking, you don’t actually have to do anything strenuous if you don’t want to – just reading this and being more ‘aware’ is a start. But if you could do something different, something extra, then that would be an absolute bonus.

Here are a few options of what you can do, with differing levels of commitment:

Option 1 – Go to www.nationalfitnessday.com/activity-finder/ and type in your postcode. Find a class/activity happening near you tonight and join in. Even if it is something you have never dreamed of participating in! Be warned, you will have to change into suitable attire, leave the house and talk to other human beings at some stage.

Option 2 – On the same website click on ‘Be active at home’ and scroll through the dozens and dozens of sessions that are happening online throughout the rest of the day. Try something different, and if you don’t like it, change and try something else. Get your other half or best friend to join in too and have a laugh while you are at it. You don’t have to leave the house and as long as you triple check that your webcam isn’t on then you don’t even have to dress appropriately.

Option 3 – Let’s assume that you have infinite excuses as to why you CANNOT possibly attend a live session at the end of your street or log in to a virtual session that happens after the kids are in bed. Let’s assume that you are embarrassed to let any of your close friends/family members know that you have some newfound desire to start something weird such as exercise or physical activity. Well, next time you pop to the toilet why don’t you bang out a set of push ups or have a quick plank. As long as the door is locked and you don’t make too many suspect noises nobody else in the house will suspect a thing.

Option 4 – The absolute worst case scenario is that you read this and are more aware of the importance of moving your body in new and exciting ways, and you pencil something in for tomorrow or later on in the week.

Obesity is higher than ever.

Mental stability is lower than ever.

We sit down too much and stare at screens for too long.

We overuse gadgets and underuse our bodies – the greatest piece of technology ever created.

I’m not your Dad, I cannot tell you what to do.

But, I can assure you that after an unprecedented 6-months of restrictions and with the end of all this probably being further away than the start, allowing yourself to escape for a short while, listen to some cool music, thrash about in some lycra and prance around like you just don’t care could be just what the doctor ordered.

You never know, you might like it.

And then you might do it again.

It could become a habit. Something that you do often and enjoy and look forward to.

Something that nobody can take away from you EVER, because there is ALWAYS an excuse to be able to do ‘something’ active that you enjoy…if you try hard enough.

Happy National Fitness Day everybody.


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