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Is late-night munching really bad for you?

Is late-night munching really bad for you?


Late-Night Munching Myth

Late-Night MunchingHave you ever been told that eating past a certain time at night might make you gain extra pounds? We’ve certainly seen plenty of information floating through the fitness-sphere pointing to that conclusion. However, after consulting an expert in the field of weight loss we found that these suggestions may just be myths. The real issue with late-night meal times seems to lie with the nature of food being eaten; those of us eating after hours may be sleep deprived due to shift work or social outings, and are therefore more likely to reach for high fat, high sugar foods the next day. This means that those of us eating late at night are more likely to be eating more calories overall than those of us eating at regular times, hence the longstanding negativity towards after-hours snacking. As long as the food you eat is nutritious, you’ll do just fine, whether its 3am or not.


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