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Jamie vs Sugar

Jamie vs Sugar


The War on Sugar is in full swing as top British chef and TV star Jamie Oliver calls on the government to crack down on the accessibility of energy drinks for kids. Currently, labels on every energy drink specifically state ‘not recommended for children’, but it seems this is not enough to deter the younger ones from drinking them. Recent stats show that a whopping 24% of children under the age of ten in the UK are consuming these sugar-laden drinks, giving Oliver something to get angry about on his show Friday Night Feast. During one episode, he chatted to teachers who told of the stress that comes with trying to teach pupils hopped up  on energy drinks, including having back-up lessons to plan depending on whether the kids  are ‘high’ or ‘crashing’.

The solution? Government-backed age restrictions on the sale of energy drinks to all under-16s, according to Oliver. Which would make sense, seeing as 41% of 13-15 year olds are seeking out sugary drinks at lunchtime off-site, despite bans inside the school gates. Recent evidence also highlights just why consuming the drinks are so detrimental, with each drink containing more than twice the maximum daily sugar intake for adults (12 teaspoons) yet retailing for as little as 25p. Want to be part of this movement? Tweet, post, share and chat to your local MP to get the message out.