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Now that we’re in full autumn spring, we might be feeling a little less pressure to blitz our bodies in the gym. In the lead up to Summer however, it seems we may have overdone it a little during our workouts. New research have revealed that more than one in ten Brits have sought medical attention for an exercise related injury, in the lead up to those sunny(ish) months. Around 12% visited the doctors or A&E at least once after a workout went wrong, something now being dubbed as the ‘gym-jury’. What might be even more worrying, 9% of us actually carried on with our workouts, despite being in chronic pain. And all this for that perfect physique? The study sheds light on the ‘panic’ felt by most in the run-up to summer; 45% of Brits hit the gym or exercised regularly to get their summer bod. Let’s hope the Winter brings less of these ‘gym-juries’.


41% of Brits have suffered a ‘gym-jury’


The most common injury was a sprained ankle (21%)


38% clam they never bother to warm up before their workout


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