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It’s a fact, Brits love to booze

It’s a fact, Brits love to booze


We Drink & We Love It



Brits love to boozeUs Brits love to booze; whether it’s an after-work pint or a boozy Sunday brunch, we’ll find any excuse for a cheeky tipple throughout the week. While this can’t be great for our health, it seems that we’re not too bothered. New research from Britain’s Healthiest Workplace showed that although 31% of UK adults are exceeding weekly alcohol guidelines, just over half of that group don’t plan on cutting down any time soon; just 6% were motivated to change. The study also confirmed what we already knew to be true; the younger ones drink less often but much more in one go, while the over 60s drink most regularly but less each time. Those of us camped in the 40-60 year-old bracket consume the most booze overall – around 12 units per week. And while we’re not setting the best example for the kids, it doesn’t look like this will change any time soon. Cheers!


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