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Online yoga. What could possibly go wrong? 

Online yoga. What could possibly go wrong? 


The World of Online Yoga: Diary of a Lockdown Yoga Teacher 

 6.30am: WiFi is reconnecting…..  Wifi is reconnecting… What the…??? Wifi was absolutely fine yesterday. What’s happened now?? Urgh… 

6.40am: Ok I’m in. Open zoom session. 3 students in waiting room. Already?? Why are these three always so early? I’ve still got half a cup of coffee left?! Gah…  

6.47am: Good morning everyone. Can you hear me? Great… Oh hello Jessica, welcome. Take child’s  pose everyone. A few nice, deep breaths while we wait for the others. 

6.50am: Hello Gem! Aww hello bubba! Is she joining you today? Oh… OK… Great… No problem… If  you could just mute your mic that would be great, thank you.  

6.52am: Hi Vicky. Could you just move your camera back, or mat back so I can see all of you. I can only see your legs right now. 

6.53am: and you Aurelie. A bit further back please. I need to see your whole body ladies. 

6.55am: Hayley, youre very dark. Could you maybe switch it so the light is behind the camera, rather than you? Thank you. 

6.57am: Oh hi Sally. Nice to see you. Awww you have the puppies too? Oh gosh, they are loud today!! Yep, no worries but if you could maybe mute your mic that would be great. Thank you. 

7.00am: So let’s start by taking some nice, deep breaths down in to the belly. Close your eyes if you haven’t done so already. Oh, is everything OK Sally? Can you hear me? Yep I can hear you. Could you… Yep I can hear you… Yep… Could you switch your mic on to mute possibly? Yep I can hear you. Yep and see you. Aw yep and the pups. OK great. Mic on mute please. Thank you. 

7.05am: Slowly make your way in to downward facing dog. Spread your fingers nice and wide. Eye focus between the thighs or up to the navel. Good. Draw the hips back. Squeeze the core. Breathe. 

7.15am: Good. Ripple through, forwards to plank position. Nice everyone. And now lower yourself slowly down to the floor. Place your hands under your shoulders, slowly exhale and lift up to low cobra… Good. Just low for now Laurie. Stay low… Hang on, not high, we will get there once we are warmer. Just low cobra for now ladies. Laurie, just low cobra…. OK… Um… Nice 

7.22am: Oh dear, we’ve lost Sally. 

7.30am: And take a large step back with your right foot. Make your way in to warrior 2…right foot Abi. Right foot…The other Right…So I can see your front body… No, back on the right. Left forwards…. OK almost… Other leg… Yep good. Warrior 2. 

7.33am: good and let’s do all of that on the other side. So take a nice big step back with your left  foot…. Left back, right forwards… Good…. Left back this time Abi… Right forwards. And right arm forwards…Almost… Same arm as leg. Yep good. ​ 

7.36am: oh hello Sally welcome back. Lost you there. Is everything OK? Great. Mic on mute if you…  Oh dear… Think we’ve lost you again.  

7.40am: And draw the right foot up on to the inside of the left thigh. Vrksasana. Tree pose. Gorgeous ladies…. Ooops Jen, use the wall or chair for support if you… Oh whoops! No problem. Are you OK?  

Good. OK grab hold of the wall before you try again maybe? Or… OK… Oopsie…  

7.45am: Oh now I can see you Sally, well done. Oh, it sounds very loud there. Could you possibly mute your… Sally? If you can hear me, make your way in to child’s pose. 

7.50am: Good everyone. Let’s make our way in to our final savasana… Deep breaths down in to the belly. Relax the face. Closing the eyes. Allow the shoulders to release and feel the body sink deeper down…Oh gosh sorry ladies, I am so sorry, that’s a delivery at the door. I’ll be two ticks.  

7.52am: I’m so sorry about that… Breathing deeply. Relax the arms, feel the legs relax, lovely…  

7.59am: OK, palms together Thank you for joining me. Have a lovely day. Namaste. 

8.00am: Can’t hear you Becky.. Nope still not… Click the microphone… Nope still not… Nope, never mind. Think I’m getting the jist! Thank you too! Lovely to see you!  

8.00am: Oh hey Sally. No worries. Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow…  

Not a bad class that. Just 12 more to go this week.  

Namaste yogis! 

Alexandra Legouix is a well-known Sports TV Presenter, writer and podcast host. She also knows a thing or two about yoga and can be found on Instagram as @alkilegouix