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Kick-Start 2017!

Kick-Start 2017!


Why not kick-start your 2017 with a Juiceman juice cleanse alongside a new healthy sport or hobby.


Here are some of my tips to get your going:

1. Swap fried food for grilled.

2. Get your cardio in before breakfast to burn extra fat.

3. Have a liquid dinner (Green Monster Smoothie) if you’re home late.

4. Try to give yourself a 12-hour fast each night. If your last meal is at 9pm then tomorrow’s breakfast is at 9am.

5. Walk the dog, or your neighbours’, for extra cardio.

6. Give meditation and yoga a month trial and you won’t look back.

7. Do a three-day juice cleanse to detox your festive over indulgence.

It’s the perfect time to try new eating habits, invest in a juicer or blender and try some of these recipes. All my clients find a system to fit their healthy habits into their daily routine so there are no excuses.


FEATURE---MR-JUICEMANNew Year calls for a new green juice and this one is perfect for getting your body alkalized. It is really good for your skin and rehydration. Romaine lettuce is a great ingredient to juice as it is cheap and has a good water content. Feel free to play with this recipe and add some kale or spinach for extra green goodness.

2.5cm piece of fresh ginger, peeled; 1 lemon, peeled; a small handful of flat-leaf parsley; 1/2 a romaine lettuce, outer leaves removed; 1 pear; 1 large or 2 small cucumbers

Juice all your ingredients one by one in the order they are listed.

Serve chilled


You can make a large batch & keep it in the fridge for 3–5 days or you


These are my everyday snacks and serve as a perfect pre workout snack as they are loaded with good carb and sugars and also protein. I have to
make a double batch as my kids steal these from the fridge. Personally I throw in loads of superfood powders but feel free to play with the ingredients depending on what you have in the cupboard.

For the truffles:
1 cup almonds; 1 cup cashews; 3/4 cup pumpkin seeds or sunflower; 1/2 tsp sea salt; 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon; 1/2 tsp vanilla; 2 tbsp chocolate protein or hemp protein powder; 18 Medjool dates, pitted a squeeze of orange or lemon juice; 1 tbsp coconut oil

2 tsp spirulina or green powder; 1 tbsp maca powder; 1 tbsp raw cacao nibs

Put all the truffle ingredients into a blender and pulse until it forms a thick, smooth consistency. Then roll the mixture into small balls. To finish, roll each ball in your choice of topping. You can use hemp seeds or chopped coconut and goji berries. Sometimes I mix the toppings together and cover the balls in all of them.


Tea ToxThis is how I like to start my day and it feels both refreshing and invigorating. The cayenne pepper is excellent for getting your digestive system fired up, the maple syrup is for energy and the lemon is to cleanse. In the winter if I’m feeling run down I will also add a tea spoon of apple cider vinegar.

1 cup warm water; 1/2 a lemon, peeled and sliced; 2.5cm piece of fresh ginger, peeled and grated; a pinch of cayenne pepper; 1 tsp maple syrup

Boil the kettle and in a large cup or teapot, combine all the ingredients
and stir.

Serve immediately


I love to add lemon zest and a dash of vanilla extract to the mixture, or some orange zest and finely chopped chilli.

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