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The sun has arrived, take advantage with the Great Outdoors Workout


The sun has arrived, take advantage with the Great Outdoors Workout


The Great Outdoors Workout Sun’s out, guns out, right?


The Great Outdoors WorkoutWell, maybe, if you follow this simple workout designed to be done where ever you are…

The longer evenings are the perfect opportunity for us all to connect with nature – as opposed to our electronic devices – and top up on that all important vitamin D. Adequate vitamin D, which is produced in your skin when exposed to sunlight, improves your immune system, contributes to healthy bones and teeth and can help combat mild depression. This is because it boosts the production of serotonin, your happy hormone!

With this in mind, we asked PT Louise Robinson to provide an outdoors workout. “I’ve chosen a mixture of compound movements (using your whole body) and core exercises,” she explains. “By performing them at a high intensity, and by keeping rest periods low, it’s perfect for toning, fat burning and core strengthening… giving you maximum bang for your buck!”

So, using either a kettlebell or small dumbbells, try this all-over workout. It’s great for core strength, and it’s a bit of a shoulder blaster, too. Get outdoors and give it a go!

The workout

Do as many rounds as you can (aim for five). More advanced participants can progress the session by adding some stair or field sprints at the end.

Press ups


Can be done against a wall or bench, to failure.


Place hands on apparatus either side of chest. Brace core, lower body to floor and push back to start.

Squat and press



Hold weights at shoulder height and squat so that thighs are parallel to the floor and knees tracked over toes. As you return to your starting position, push weights up over head.

Hand walk outs (add extra press at the end for advanced)



From a standing position, walk hands along the floor until entire body is parallel to floor. Keep core braced, and then walk hands back to the start position.

Reverse lunge and press


10 per leg


Imagine the weights are attached to your feet. As you stride backwards, the weights raise overhead. Keep the front leg nice and square, core braced, and return to start position.

Marine plank


10 per leading side


Start in plank position on your forearms, press onto hands leading with one side, switch and do the same on the other side. Keep core braced throughout the movement and try not to rock too much.

Box jumps onto wall/bench


10, or leg raises on bench as alternative


Choose a height that you can jump using both feet to land at once. Land softly using the full range of your legs and then jump down again using the same technique. Keep body upright and back straight throughout.


Louise, 42, is a full-time self-employed PT working out of Pure Treatment Rooms, Wetherby. She has teenage children and was crowned 2015 Fitness Industry Professional of the year. She is also a toned figure competitor and winner of several titles, plus a figure and bikini competition coach.


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