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Physique 101

Physique 101


Kurtis Stacey shows you how to focus on your core muscle groups

Over the next few months I am going to dedicate my monthly column to the body parts we care about most. I will be focusing on every aspect of these specific muscle groups, cutting no corners when it comes to your workout. Using basic exercises and the same workout principles for every muscle group, I guarantee that if you can stick to these workouts for a period of four to eight weeks you will feel, and more importantly see, a physical change in size and definition. So, let’s begin!

When it comes to your workout, keep this in mind: “Exercise is simple science. If you lift weights correctly and with control, your muscle has no choice but to respond. It will respond with growth and definition.”

Below I have given you an example of a workout aimed solely on the arms. You want to be doing 5 sets of 8-12 reps, controlled movements. Make sure the weight is heavy enough every set so that you’re getting a minimum of 8 reps and a maximum of 12. If you can do more than 12 then you need to up the weight. Use this principle for every muscle group and exercise.

It may seem simple, but if you look closely that’s over 400 reps and 40 sets, just on arms!

In my experience, I found that dedicating an extra day in the gym to focus on the main muscle groups I want to enhance the most (which for me is arms and core) is important because if you don’t enjoy your workouts then you’re not going to work out to your full potential. I also incorporate biceps with chest day and triceps with back day – but however you do it just make sure you stick to the routine above for the best results.


Triceps push downs (straight bar)

Overhead triceps extensions (rope – cables)

Single arm push downs (cables)

Triceps dips


Barbell curls (straight bar)

Barbell curls (wide grip)

Seated alternating dumbbell curls

Seated single arm concentration curl

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