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BESTFIT Issue 14 – Again Workout

BESTFIT Issue 14 – Again Workout



High-intensity interval training is a revelation for those short on time or who like to obtain big results with short and intense bursts of energy. However, it’s not just a quick fix, it’s also an ultra effective form of conditioning and fat burning.

The good people at Again Faster, who provide everything you need to pursue total functional fitness, have developed a HIIT workout you can try yourself at home or in the gym. Again Faster sell a wide range of products including barbells, bumpers, dumbbells, kettlebells, plyo boxes, rowing machines, bikes, pull-up rigs, rubber flooring and much more. All the equipment to complete this workout is available from Again Faster at www.againfaster.eu/bestfit

Med Ball Squats

Target your quadriceps and glutes. When done correctly, this will engage the core throughout the movement, improving core strength and midline stability.

Med-ball-squatsPush Press

You’ll need to maintain good form to engage the core. This movement focuses on the shoulder area.


Slam Ball

This is an intense full-body workout when performed at a high intensity that will heighten your heart rate.

Slam-ballBox Jump

The ultimate plyometric exercise requires 100% concentration and commitment.


Dumbell Thrusters

This requires full-body control throughout the movement. The squat phase of the movement targets the glutes and quads, the upward movement the shoulders and core. Great for explosive strength.

dumbell-thrustersAbmat Sit Ups

Core-focused movement.

abmat-sit-upsagain workout footer


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