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BESTFIT Issue 13 – Transformation

BESTFIT Issue 13 – Transformation


transformation-coverBestfit’s Faris Fisher is now eight weeks into his three-month transformation. here’s how he’s getting on…

The subject: Faris Fisher
‘things have ramped up a bit’
“the first four weeks involved two  workouts in the gym a week, two at home and daily mobility exercises. Now, I’m doing three gym sessions, workouts at home when not in the gym and daily mobility work, all with weights increased. Things have ramped up a bit.

“The first month was all about getting perfecting my form, mobility and movement, now it’s about working hard. I’m enjoying the weights but there are elements that are killing me. I’m not really used to doing much cardio, so the HIIT sessions really finish me off. I wouldn’t normally do those things in the gym, so it’s been a good learning curve from that perspective.

“Dumbbell complexes have been challenging. I might only be holding 10kg in my hands and it looks pathetic, but the routine is brutal. They’ve been a real eye opener about what you can achieve simply by using different techniques and weights.

The Trainer: Brendan Chaplin

‘it’s easier to train with a purpose than it is to simply train’

“In this cycle we’ve been increasing Faris’s work capacity, so ramping up how hard he’s working. Alongside that, we’re increasing his weights and reps as well as the intensity of the metabolic work, conditioning and endurance work. The fat loss workouts have also increased… basically everything’s got harder!

“He’s done really well despite admitting he’s found some of it a shock to the system. That’s to be expected because his first four weeks were more of an introduction. There’s no point going straight into the big intensity because he would have been too sore to train, so instead we used those first few weeks to achieve better form. Without that, you don’t work the right muscles at the right time. With Faris, we worked really hard to improve his posture and his efficiency in key positions on the key lifts; the better they are the better his transformation will go. Now, we’ve taken him to another level.

“The goal of this programme for Faris is to build lean muscle and lose body fat. These are very common goals, so what we’ve done to target these areas is to introduce metabolic resistance training. This is high-intensity weights in mini circuits. This fatigues his muscles, but is the most effective way to change his body composition. Included here are your big compound movements like squats, dead lifts, split squats, lunges and overhead presses combined with bodyweight movements to optimise his training and keep his body challenged.

“Away from the gym, Faris has been given some high intensity workouts to do at home and they’re really important because they keep his metabolic rate high for a further two to three days; which means he’s always burning calories. These workouts don’t take long but they do hurt. They’re a huge benefit when it comes to recycling body proteins.”

The Nutritionist: Drew Price

“it’s important to remember that food comes first and that supplements are exactly that, supplements”

“The main driver for successful nutrition is getting into good habits, so having a suitable framework with the right foods when you need them. Obviously Faris is on a high protein diet, which will help him lose fat and gain muscle mass, but we’re also trying to get some carbs in there to help him replenish his energy/glycogen stores. He’ll have more carbs on the days that he’s training, and less when he’s not.

“I know Faris has found it quite hard preparing all the meals and proteins he needs to fuel his body throughout this process, which is where the Multipower supplements come in handy. Ultimately, he is trying to lose fat and gain lean muscle, which is why he’s using our 100% Pure Whey Protein and Mass Gainer. The point of the Pure Whey Protein is to act as a highly functioning food type. It’s easy to use, tasty, you get what you need very quickly and it complements your diet without making you feel like you’ve eaten a huge roast dinner! For Faris, particularly when it comes to breakfast, he can blend some peanut butter in with his Pure Whey Protein to provide the protein and healthy fats he needs without the need for slaving over a stove. This will support lean mass, help his recovery and feed his muscles. It can be a cost effective way of getting the protein you need, but it’s important to remember food always comes first and supplements are exactly that; they’re designed to supplement a healthy and balanced diet.

“Faris is also using a Mass Gainer, which is a range of fast and slow-releasing proteins alongside a range of fast, medium and slow-releasing carbohydrates. If you were looking to pile on mass you would have this throughout the day, but Faris is simply having his after his workouts. By taking this, he’s restocking and feeding his muscle tissue and lean mass without generating fat. And the beauty of the Multi power products is that they offer the most protein (not under dosed) and have fewer unnecessary ingredients.”

visit multipower.com for more information on the 100% whey isolate protein and mass gainer

Session 2: A snap shot

So, Faris is working much harder in phase 2 of his 12-week transformation. Three early-morning weights sessions per week are each routinely followed with a high intensity cardio session. These include the treadmill (using a variety of gradients), exercise bike and rowing interval workouts (both using incremental levels of resistance), a perfect – and intense – way to finish your session.





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