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Bellum Active’s 2 Tones Workout

Bellum Active’s 2 Tones Workout


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Ant & Dec. Morecambe & Wise. Batman & Robin. Sometimes two people are better than one, which is why we got the Townsend Twins to create a workout for you and your trainer partner. Those of you who have worked out with someone else will know you sometimes get the best results when you have them pushing you beyond your comfort zone.

This is why the Townsend Twins are perfect. Consisting of 23-year-old twins Chloe and Francesca Townsend, who together teach a variety of different fitness classes covering Essex, they’ve created the ultimate workout consisting of four HIIT exercises and four core exercises.

Partner Up And Knuckle Down

It’s Time To Go To Work

4 HIIT exercises: 20 seconds each exercise

Partner-Assisted Squat to Jump

partner assisted squat lunge

Starting Position:  stand facing your partner.

Exercise: holding your partner’s hands, take a squat position, staying as low as possible, and take a lunge back on each leg. Then, return to standing position, and repeat for 20 seconds.

Partner Cardio Squat (Side to Side) 

partner cardio squat

Start Position:  stand facing your partner.

Exercise: hold opposite hand to your partner and jump opposite ways into a squat position and repeat on the other side. Keeping up a quick pace for a great HIIT workout and keep going for 20 seconds.

Seat Squat/High Knees

Seat Squat-high knees

Starting Position: one partner holds a low squat position and holds both arms out straight. Other partner needs to be standing close for their knees to touch hands

Exercise:  partner needs to perform high knees at a quick pace, touching knees to hands each time. Swap over after 20 seconds.

Plank Jump Overs

Plank Jump overs

Starting Position: one partner holds a low plank position, the other should get ready to jump.

Exercise: plank position will be held for 20 seconds and partner will jump over them as quick as they can, swap over after 20 seconds

4 core exercises

V Sit Switches

V sit switches

Starting Position: start in V position, sitting back, feet slightly off the floor.

Exercise:  holding the V-sit position, with legs off the floor, switch over your partner’s feet going over and under each time.

Pendulum Swings

Pendulum Swings

Starting Position: seated position next to each other.

Exercise:  Lay back onto the mat then do one sit up, lay back down to get momentum to swing your legs over to the other side – you will end up sitting opposite sides to your partner.

Sit Up Claps

Sit up claps

Starting position: : lay flat on the floor opposite your partner, feet touching.

Exercise: lay back onto the mat and come up into a sit-up position, clap your partner’s hands and repeat the exercise for 20 seconds.

Resistance Cardio Bike

Resistance cardio bike

Starting Position: laying flat on the mat, make sure feet are in contact with each other. Support your neck with your hands when performing this exercise.

Exercise: perform a cardio bike movement (opposite arm to leg to your partner) and keep the momentum going for 20 seconds.

The Townsend Twins were pictured here wearing Bellum Active’s latest collection, which includes statement patterns, hot summer colours and sleek lines. The stand-out fitness range is suitable for runners, yogis, and HIIT or spin addicts. They’re seamlessly engineered using the latest technical fabrics and feature breathable mesh panels to wick sweat away. Comfort is maximised, meaning chafing and irritation are a thing of the past. Prices start at £28.00 and sizes are available in XS – L.


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