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Issue 12 – Juicing with Jason Vale

Issue 12 – Juicing with Jason Vale


Juicing 1 image introducing Jason Vale for issue 12 of the Bestfit Magazine.Please do not underestimate the nutritional power of some of these super shots. A Garlic Shot, for example, is perhaps the finest natural antibiotic you can take. It is also antiviral, antifungal and unlike drug antibiotics, it will not kill off our healthy bacteria. If you have any infections or fungal issues, get one of these down you every day until it clears. If the Garlic Shot is too much for you on the taste (and breath) front, try the Ginger Shot.

I don’t personally think there are any cons to juicing shots. I would advise people not to go crazy with the shots; less is more when it comes to these mini powerhouses.

I would highly recommend having a shot before your ‘main’juice of the day. Your juicer is going to need cleaning anyway, so have a shot then, for extra nutrition. I tend to opt for a ginger shot and berry shot, but the choice is yours. I always have a wheatgrass shot too, but I have those delivered in ready-made frozen shots, which I simply take from the freezer, pop in water for five minutes, open and drink.

Juicing 2 image introducing Jason Vale for issue 12 of the Bestfit MagazineI get asked quite often if juicing is a trend – the answer to this is a big fat NO. Every food on the planet has come under some criticism with the notable exception of fruit and vegetables. These foods nourish every cell in the body, help prevent disease, flush the system of waste and contain more vitamins and minerals than you can rattle a plum at, and there isn’t a single person on the planet with any shred of common sense that could possibly argue against these magnificent foods! I have been extremely privileged to bring a juicy lifestyle to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. When I set out to ‘Juice The World’ I never truly envisaged the incredible impact juicing would have not only on virtually every aspect of physical, but also on people’s mental well-being and life in general.

I know first hand the sheer power of the juice. I suffered from severe asthma, incredibly bad psoriasis, eczema, hay fever and one of the most common ailments to hit the UK population – being overweight. Yet by simply swapping my normal junk(ie) foods and drinks for a freshly extracted juice or two a day and by adding a touch of exercise to daily life, my mental and physical health improved beyond anything I had envisaged.

I would always say make your shots in a juicer rather then a blender. If you are having a wheatgrass shot you will need a masticating juicer, you cannot juice wheatgrass with a normal centrifugal juicer. Wheatgrass juice should be taken in small ‘shots’ of no more than 2 fl oz at a time.


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