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Chlorella, the algae answer to your weight loss needs

Chlorella, the algae answer to your weight loss needs



The algae Answer

Health gurus and fitness fanatics have always been big fans of all things green; from spinach to matcha tea, we all know that green means great. That trend isn’t about to stop, with the latest in must-have health supplements being Chlorella, an algae packed with all kinds of green goodness. According to a recent Japanese study, a protein found in chlorella was found to help reduce the growth of body fat cells when consuming high levels of fat. In other words, algae could be the key to weight loss for those of us struggling to avoid the winter binge. If that wasn’t enough to get you stocking up, this magical supplement has also been linked to increased athletic endurance, and has even been found to be a powerful antioxidant. We don’t need convincing; it’s time to go green.


3tbsp serving of Chlorella contains 16g of protein

Chlorella has been around  for over 2 billion years