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Get deliciously fit with diet Shakes & Bars from Exante

Get deliciously fit with diet Shakes & Bars from Exante


Exante Diet Shakes & Bars


Exante have created a range of shakes and bars designed to complement your meals. The strawberry diet shake, for example, is ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or even as dessert. With a burst of berry flavour, packed full of protein and nutrients, it’s refreshing and indulgent. Not surprisingly, the strawberry shake is one of Exante’s most popular meal replacement shakes. The chocolate diet shake is 100% gluten-free and packed full of vital vitamins and minerals. Thick and smooth with a delicious chocolate flavour, the chocolate shake is perfect for chocolate lovers who want to keep calories low.

The Strawberry Jam and Yogurt Crunch bars are nutritious, high in protein and uniquely blended to support long-term weight loss goals. These meal replacement bars are key to preserving muscle density and are packed full of essential vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E, & K.

The Meal Replacement Chocolate Orange Bar serves as a healthy Terry’s Chocolate Orange substitute and is packed with protein. They’re best eaten as a pre- or post-workout snack. With natural flavours and tangy citrus pieces, these tasty, chewy Exante favourites are a dieter’s delight!

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Shakes prices: Boxes of 7 are £10.49 Boxes of 50 are £60
Jam and Yogurt Crunch bar price: Boxes of 16 are £30 Boxes of 50 are £75
Chocolate Orange Bar price: Boxes of 7 are £14.49 Boxes of 50 are £75


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