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BESTFIT Issue 14 – Snackbox

BESTFIT Issue 14 – Snackbox




A household name that you can now find in stores such as WHSmith, as well as online, Graze enables you to combine your favourite snack combinations. From savoury treats, to Jaffa Cakes and chocolate brownie delights, they are a fantastic idea for small regular deliveries.

Fruit Drop

Perfect for the workplace, these low-cost boxes will brighten your surroundings while benefitting your health. Regular fruit in your diet keeps you healthy, motivated and consequently more productive. All products are sourced from local markets and delivered free of charge all over the UK.


A gluten-free snack box delivered to the workplace, Nutribox employ nutritionists to seek out the healthiest and tastiest gluten-free snacks so you don’t have to. All snack boxes are screened for their nutritional content and have to pass a taste test before inclusion. They are also suitable for vegan and  no-vegan consumers.


The brainchild of two fathers with busy lifestyles who wanted to improve their diets and those of others, they decided to create a new way of providing tasty and healthy snacks. Products are sourced globally to provide high-quality snacks for crucial points in the day. Their aim is to provide a hand-picked selection of gluten-free, protein and vegan products to keep you energised and full of health in a natural way.


Flowbox provide organic food and eco-friendly household products that offer useful alternatives to everyday favourites, from luxurious boutique brands and healthy options, to special family treats. Gluten-free and vegan boxes are also available. You can even buy a gift voucher to introduce a friend or relative.

Primal Snack Box

The UK’s first monthly paleo snack box delivery service guarantees that everything is free from grains, gluten, soy, dairy and refined sugars. The contents are regularly updated to prevent boredom, and there are a minimum of five selections to choose from, ranging from £9.99 to £21.99


Snackly are attempting to limit the ‘nasties’ in your diet by providing snacks free from gluten, wheat and oats, rye and barley (so suitable for coeliacs). The products are handselected from around the UK. If you like a surprise every month this may be the service for you.

Meat Boxes


A one-stop shop from which you can purchase meat and supplements at cost-effective prices. You can also source anything from cookies to sauces, vegetables to cereals and ice creams to exotic meats. Basically, you’ll find everything you’ll need on a day-to-day basis.

Kezie Foods

A lesser-known delivery service providing exotic meats including crocodile, elk and edible insects. You can order a box of paleo foods, foods ideal for athletes, vegetarian sausages, gluten-free items, ready-made gourmet meals or just simply opt for a meat selection box.


This delivery service prides itself in quality as well as quantity, and all the beef they provide is naturally reared in the hills of Great Britain. Their range includes grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey, and they have other gluten-free products. They  also provide regular special offers. Deliveries guarantee 72-hour freshness.

Field & Flower

Initially set up as a farm shop in Somerset to provide high quality products on a small scale, word-of-mouth popularity has seen this duo set up a delivery service of one-off or regular order products. Their website has a selection of specially selected meat combinations at varying costs that can be delivered to your door anywhere in the UK


An award-winning and family-run company in Yorkshire specialising in smoked products, Staals source their items from local, high-calibre farms and suppliers. They try to maintain a smoke-to-order system so that when you receive your goods they are as fresh as they can possibly be. Their products range from fish to duck and oils.


From kangaroo to camel, Osgrow import exotic and highquality meats from USA, Australia and Canada and deliver them directly to your door.


A delivery service for quality South African foods, this Londonbased service offers anything from novelty foods to protein bars, wines to crisps, sauces and spices to dried meat and specialist sausages (boasting 100% sausage meat).

Well Hung Meat

A farm-shop style company who hang their meat in traditional methods, their beef, lamb, chicken, pork and mutton all comes with animal-welfare traceability. They have been awarded countless taste and food awards.

Cave Man Grill

Exotic meats delivered to your door in a selection pack or meats of your choice, these foods are butchered and prepared to order so that quality and freshness are guaranteed. Look out for introductory offers on their Facebook and Twitter pages.


Meal Boxes

Gold Standard Nutrition

If you’re looking for a bundle deal or 30-day challenge pack, these proud providers of nutrition packs to the Leeds Rhinos guarantee carefully designed and calculated meals to microwave and use on the go. Your meal plan is calculated after you’ve entered all your stats and goals, and then delivered to your door with packing which guarantees freshness for up to 72 hours. All you need to do is add veg.

Eat Evolve

Set up to cater for health-conscious people living busy lives and help them eat clean and natural food, the Eat Evolve setup involves a team of professionals, including Michelin-trained chefs, to create a unique service using quality ingredients inspired by the paleo diet. Meals are free from wheat, gluten, dairy and processed sugars.


This company are trying to reduce the amount of processed foods you consume by making it easier to create healthy  meals at home. They connect you with British suppliers, from which you can then choose from a classic, vegetarian or family box. Each box comes with a recipe guide for creating meals with your ingredients.


Providers of 15 different diet plans, including one specifically designed for those requiring halal meals, Bodychef are geared towards those wishing to lose weight without having to do all the calculations. They provide meal plans that range from low carb, low GI, flat belly and low sugar, and they deliver twice weekly.


Choose from over 100 chef-prepared options and enjoy portion and calorie-controlled microwaveable meals delivered free to your door. You will be required to sign up for a monthly subscription, but keep an eye out for special introductory offers.


Nutrichef provides a range of different diet plans designed to help you lose weight, increase your energy, reduce the risk of serious illness or regulate digestion. Whatever your goal, these specially selected ingredients will save you time and stress.


All meals are 100% natural and 100% paleo, which means everything is free from sugars, grains and processed foods.  So, whether you’re an athlete looking to optimise your performance, an allergy sufferer, or you’re simply a lover of healthy, tasty foods, you’re guaranteed a balance of essential micro and macro nutrients



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