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Ben Coomber: Say ‘No No’ to the Yo-Yo!


Ben Coomber: Say ‘No No’ to the Yo-Yo!


Find yourself yo-yo dieting? Ben Coomber is here to help you stop with eight tips…


Weight loss is simple: eat less, right? Not really. If it was, more people would be sitting at their ideal weight, and we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic. Why?

  • Processed food everywhere
  • Alcohol being tasty and part of most social gatherings
  • Eating out at restaurants
  • Sweets at the service station that are just too easy to grab
  • Not realising the calories in some foods and not realising impact
  • Eating round a friend’s house
  • Going a bit OTT at the weekend and ruining a weeks’ effort


So, let’s explore eight factors which you can change:


  1. Knowing the ideal

When I coach someone, I give them a diet plan, a training plan, and guidelines on how to initially implement it. When someone makes the decision to change, and they are in that mind-set to change, I want to show them the ideal: a solid weeks’ worth of healthy food and recipe ideas, giving them exact exercises to do in the gym, or how long to run for, or what home workout would be effective.

Check out my free podcast Ben Coomber Radio, episode 117…


  1. Plan, plan and plan

Nothing happens by chance in life. Plan for it, be bold and implement
it, successfully, repeatedly, and success for you can literally be limitless. But your goals are pointless without a plan to get there, so we need to explore point 3…


  1. Knowing your why

Without knowing why you are going on this journey, you won’t truly be empowered to follow it through. When I went from an obese teenager of 16 stone down to 10.5 stone, I did it because my WHY was ‘If I don’t lose this weight I will not be successful in my career’. That made me relentlessly passionate to be successful with my goal. You need to know your WHY, it’s not enough to try to lose weight and your reason to be, ‘I just want to look and feel a bit better’.


  1. Being able to say ‘no’

You need to know your why, so you can say ‘no’. When I coach, it is my job to empower someone with the confidence and ability to say ‘no’, when usually they would say ‘yes’. Every day we are presented with opportunities to easily overeat in the space of seconds, which continues to keep us not getting what we want.


  1. Changing your environment, and learning new habits

The chances are you have to accept that change is coming. You can’t keep living the same life in the same way with the same habits and expect a different outcome. First, you need to accept that then, secondly, find alternative solutions, and then stick to it long enough for it to become a habit. It’s only going to be a matter of weeks before you establish a new norm. Also, be bold and make environment changes so your new healthy habits can flourish.


  1. Valuing your health

As soon as self-doubt or a lack of self-worth creeps in, you say ‘F*** it’, and the binge occurs. Start to love yourself, who you are, and value you, and change can be simple.


  1. Knowing what it takes to get the results you want

Whatever your goal, be realistic and know what changes you need to make to make that happen. Be realistic with your goals, and what it’s going to take to get there. Embrace the journey, you’ll learn a lot about yourself, and that’s cool


  1. Living life as a fitter person

All the above is change, and some don’t like change. Embrace the new you, appreciate the new you, and inspire the people around you to make similar changes.


If you feel you can’t do this alone, get coached by me on my 90-day body and mind transformation program ‘Fat Loss for Life’. Otherwise, for more info and tips you can find me all over social media as ‘Ben Coomber’ or download my podcast ‘Ben Coomber Radio’.


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