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You’re Not Gordon Ramsay, But It’s Alright

You’re Not Gordon Ramsay, But It’s Alright


Another episode of BESTFIT TV has aired and personal trainer, Adam Haines, joins Faris in the studio for a quick chat on Ruth’s transformation. Firstly, we discussed how many people struggle with consistency. But this is the key when it comes to results. Starving yourself throughout the day and having a less nutritious meal once a day won’t do the work!


For this week’s ‘Out & About’, we have something different. We promised we will show you many ways to keep fit and active; some are glamorous, others are hard. This one is fun and you can even do it with your kids.

We have gone to Bradford for our new adventure at Funzy Inflatable Theme Park. Don’t be fooled, guys! Bouncing around for 30 minutes is hard work and will help you burn as many calories as you would in 20 minutes at the gym. There are even more intense courses for those who want something more demanding. You’ll be out of breath by the time you leave this place. In addition, we see Faris’s competitive side when he tries an inflatable course with Antonia. Funzy also has adults only classes, so don’t be afraid to give it a go.


Later, we check in with Ruth. She is now in the third week of her transformation with BESTFIT TV and she is feeling great. She has her nutrition organised for her with 3 ready meals daily. The main meals are around 500 calories.

Furthermore, she comments on the impact of a good diet on her overall mood and energy levels. Having a meal prep service as that of LD Nutrition has been a weight off her shoulders, especially because she is a busy mum of two, and she says how BCAAs and supplements from XTEND® and Cellucor have helped her with muscle recovery.

She also shares some home workouts that she’s done during the past week and discusses how organisation and commitment are a big part of seeing results. She is very disciplined and, as a result, she has already lost two kilos. More specifically, fat has reduced and muscle mass has increased.


Then, we take Faris to the gym for the third ‘Train With…’ feature of BESTFIT TV. He’s meeting with professional racing driver Seb Morris. Seb started go karting at the age of 8 and he ended up winning the British GT Championship in 2017.

People don’t realise how fit a racing driver needs to be. Seb is in a high intensity environment for three hours where he’s constantly under 2 to 3 G-force. As a result, we decided to show you what he does to stay in good shape. Keep in mind that a racing driver’s position is unusual, so Seb has to do a pull exercise for every push exercise in order to maintain posture. Also, a majority of his workout focuses on explosive power as he needs to have strength without gaining weight.

Standing Double Landmine Press with resistance bands
Close Grip Inverted Row
Prowler Sled Push
Ab Rotation Wall Ball Throw
Banded Neck Extension


We are all guilty of skipping cool down and stretching because of limited time. But what if we told you you can do it in only 5 minutes? That’s where Steve Powell, movement specialist, and the vibrating plate come in. Vibration enhances the recovery aspect with more blood flow and better circulation.


And after a good workout comes the food! We cook Miso Chicken Stir Fry for two with Lucinda Black. Enjoy with less than 300 calories.

2-3 chicken breasts
Brown rice
1 pepper
250g broccoli florets
250g baby corn
Black pepper

For sauce:
3 tbsp miso paste
1 tbsp ginger paste
2 tbsp chilli paste
1 tbsp lime juice
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp sesame oil
½ tbsp garlic paste


We’re at Leeds city centre with Ben Coomber to find out what diet people would choose in order to lose weight. Low carb diet? Simply eat less? Weight Watchers?

Whatever diet you embark on, just make sure it is sustainable.


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