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Mark Laws: Autumn/Winter Workout Motivation

Mark Laws: Autumn/Winter Workout Motivation


Autumn’s here and all of a sudden those runs, extra gym sessions or exercise classes are not quite as easy to fulfill. Mark Laws provides a few tips to help you stay motivated and help you come out smiling on the other side…


Buddy up

Misery really does love company, but aside from having someone to direct your moaning at, having a workout partner (or partners) to hold you accountable for showing up is the single best way to ensure you don’t wimp out.

Start looking for friends with similar fitness interests, then try neighbours, or maybe local running/cycling clubs. Failing that, put up an advert in your gym: “Attractive athletic male, mid-30s, GSOH… looking for like-minded guys to work up a sweat with before work.” What could possibly go wrong?


Wrap up

This is most relevant to those of you who exercise outdoors, but even so, unless you live in the same building as your gym and can get there without breathing fresh air, this is still valuable information.

To avoid losing heat through your head, wear a hat!

To avoid losing heat through your torso, wear a nice warm base layer.

To avoid losing heat through your extremities, wear good gloves and socks.

To avoid losing heat through your legs, wear some thermal leggings.

To avoid looking silly, don’t get socks and gloves mixed up.

To avoid getting arrested, don’t put your hands down your pants to warm them up.

Nothing motivates us more than showing off our new gym gear, so treat yourself to a sexy new outfit that covers every inch of flesh you have.


Get up

The single worst thing you can do on a cold, dark morning is to press snooze when your alarm goes off. Every second you stay in bed after that point makes it so much harder to get up.

If you’re alarm is set for 5.30am, set the heating to come on at 4.45am so it’s nice and warm when you wake up and NEVER leave your phone/alarm on your bedside table or within reach of the bed – put it on
the opposite side of the room so you HAVE to get up to switch it off.

One more thing, don’t try the whole: “I’m not a morning person” BS excuse, just follow this recipe for success…

Set two alarms for the same time, place one on the opposite side of your bedroom and one on the landing.

Place gym kit on a radiator or in the airing cupboard.

Go to bed as normal.

Once both alarms have been switched off, head over to the radiator where your entire gym kit has been simmering nicely for the last 45 minutes.

Get dressed and head out for your workout.

Repeat this for 10 consecutive days and you will magically have transformed into a ‘morning person’ who used to be lazy and stay up too late watching crap TV.


Shut up


It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s wet. It’s windy. We know – we have eyes of our own, you don’t need to keep telling us. There is also a good chance that it is going to get worse before it gets better… so shut up moaning about it, put these world-class tips into practice and get on with it!

You don’t live in Siberia and you didn’t wake up in an igloo, so just trust me, there are plenty of people out there who have it much worse than you and they don’t say a word!

If that hasn’t motivated you enough to go out in the freezing cold then think about this: in nine months’ time you’ll be heading back to Magaluf to
top up your sun burn, and if you want Stacey or Courteney from Basildon to be impressed with your Peter Andre impression then you need to start work on that body NOW.

Champions are made when nobody is watching. Champions do extra, my friend.

Be a champion. For Stacey’s sake if nothing else.





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