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BESTFIT Issue 16 – Challenge

BESTFIT Issue 16 – Challenge


Challenge-coverSometimes all you need is a mat, some gloves and the great outdoors. with festive excesses on the way, here’s something you can do to motivate yourself into the new year…

The Challenger

This month’s challenge comes from Heidi Strickland-Clark, owner of FastTrack Fit Camp, Wokingham, and who has been in the health and fitness industry for 14 years. Her core values are that good health and happiness are achievable when combined with real food, outdoor exercise and good sleep habits. Amen.

FastTrack Fit Camp is six years old and was founded to bring good health to adults who didn’t like the gym. All their workouts are outdoors, all year around and in all weathers. Typically, Heidi’s workout is best suited for outdoors, so ignore the snow/rain/wind and get busy…

The Challenge

“This workout can be done anywhere,” explains Heidi. “It consists exclusively of bodyweight exercises. The only thing you might need is an timer app running on your phone at 60 second intervals. If not, a stopwatch will do.

“The goal of this challenge is to do it before the excess of Christmas kicks in, then repeat it after the holidays as you’re getting ready to go back to normality to see whether you kept your fitness over Christmas, or if it wiped you out.

“Simply count how many reps you do of each exercise in 60 seconds and then record it. With warm up and cool down this will take no more than 30 minutes.”

Prisoner Squat

Keep both hands on the back of your head and elbows pulled back


Press Up

Full press ups to exhaustion then continue on your knees


Russian Twist

Feet lifted and each turn is repetition


Get Up

Lie flat on your back and, without rocking, stand all the way up, jump up, then come back down to flat on your back – legs and arms outstretched. that’s one.


Mountain Climber

Position your weight directly over your hands and count each knee underneath you. this will be a high number



Clap hands together overhead and then hands to sides of thighs. you can easily do more than one a second..



No need for a press-up unless you wanted to add it in. full leg extension on the jump back


High Knee Run

Make sure knees are high and count each knee up. this too will be a high number


Squat Thrust

Oof, such a nice transition. count each one, and no sliding feet!


Triple Jump

Jump forwards for one jump, then backwards for three smaller jumps. one rep. make sure you land low in your legs in a squat each time you jump forward


Plank Jack

Get into a high plank position. jump jack your legs. count each complete return to start
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