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BESTFIT Issue 10 Challenge

BESTFIT Issue 10 Challenge


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Welcome to our first NEW and improved BESTFIT Challenge, brought to you by Premier Training International.

Each month we will be catching up with a number of personal trainers and PTI graduates from across the UK to bring you their favourite training challenges. These tests are a great fit to any training regime or client workout and can be used to provide a perfect measure of fitness levels and you or your clients’ progress. Make sure to post your best scores to the PTI YouTube channel! This month we kick off with London trainer and kettlebell expert, Perry Howard, who brings us his Kettlebell Endurance Challenge, designed to develop muscular endurance in the upper body and sculpt those shoulders.


The popularity of kettlebell training continues to grow,  and due to their versatility, provide a fantastic functional training option. Exercises can be tailored to various workout goals, whether that’s to build muscle, develop power and endurance or weight loss. The make-up of the kettlebell can add a new dimension to any exercise, particularly compared to that of traditional dumbbells and barbells. The main body and load of the kettlebell hangs a few inches below the handle, making movements a lot harder to control, forcing you to maintain balance and stability throughout the movement. This means that whilst exercises can be tailored to target isolated muscle groups, the core remains constantly activated in order to stabilise the movement. Plus, it’s not only lifts which can be achieved using kettlebells. The makeup of the handle and weight means that swinging exercises are also an option, adding dynamic movements to your workout. For more information about kettlebell training, why not check out the Premier Training International website for online content and kettlebell training course details www.premierglobal.co.uk


The alternate kettlebell hand snatch challenge provides a great test of rhythm, relaxation and lifting technique. It’s a perfect test of muscular endurance. All you need to complete the challenge is a single kettlebell and we’ve chosen 24kg kettlebells for the guys and 16kg for the ladies, but feel free to increase or decrease the weight where necessary. The workout can be performed in the gym, outside or from the comfort of your home, so there are no excuses! This particular challenge is perfect for those looking to give their shoulders, triceps and core a good blasting and the key to a high score is to simply keep going! The score is the number of repetitions you can achieve without stopping or breaking technique.

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How about some free kettlebell training tips? Visit our website below for a FREE online training course. This course will teach you how to perform and teach a variety of demanding and highly effective kettlebell exercises.

To view the video, go to our YouTube page on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeBX0sEY7lk

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