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Dear Bestfit with Rebecca Dakin

Dear Bestfit with Rebecca Dakin


Meet Rebecca Dakin, the Great British Sexpert, published author and therapist. She’s here to boost your dating, body and bedroom confidence. Email dearbestfit@bestfitmagazine.co.uk to submit future questions.




I play in a five-a-side team with a bunch of mates and I’m the shortest one out of the bunch. I can handle the banter on the field but when it comes to the changing rooms I’m actually quite insecure. They guys take the mick out of my tackle and although I’m not ‘Tiny Tim’, it’s knocked my confidence with women. I’ve been thinking about getting an enlargement and wanted to know if you can recommend any reputable companies?

Plastic surgery is high risk for many reasons, and not guaranteed to give you the results you are seeking. The average penis size is just 3.6 inches flaccid, so you might not be as small as you think. Small penises reach areas that others can’t. It can be just the right length to stimulate that all important G-Spot. Hone your pleasure giving oral sex skills and you’ll be having the last laugh!


I love my boyfriend and find him really attractive. We have really passionate sex but it’s always over too quickly. I rarely get the chance to climax and it’s causing major issues, as I’m feeling more and more unsatisfied. I can tell he’s feeling inadequate. Is there something I can do to help him? I can’t imagine a future with him if we can’t sort this out.

Foreplay, foreplay and more foreplay! It’s up to you to slow him down. Tell him you enjoy making love so much that you want it to last for longer. Encourage him to spend more time exploring your nether regions and making friends with Miss Clitty. Don’t expect him to make you orgasm straight away, be patient with him. Once he has learnt how your body works, you can both work together to slow him down.


My boyfriend watches too much porn. I don’t mind him pleasing himself when I’m not around, but the problem is he treats me like a porn star.  Sometimes I honestly feel like a piece of meat; he can get really rough and thinks sex is all about destroying me. I love him very much and I want us to be together, but I’m starting to find excuses not to have sex.  Is there something wrong with me?

There is nothing wrong with you at all. Even porn stars don’t have sex with their partners like they do when they are filming. You need to communicate with him and tell him you’d like to try something different. Take control and try a slow seduction, blind fold him and tie him up, take the lead – you set the pace and show him how good things can be when you slow things down and focus on foreplay pleasure.


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