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All-in-one protein blends

All-in-one protein blends


After an all-in-one protein that blends ingredients for both muscle building and recovery? Here are five BESTFIT favourites…



Sci Mx protein blendsAn effective all-in-one solution, each serving contains 55g protein for muscle growth, 72g carbohydrates for muscle recovery and 554 calories. It also blends fast, medium and slow-release proteins, which come with added zinc and magenesium to support normal synthesis. It has two forms of creatine to increase physical performance during exercise bursts of high-intensity and repeated workouts, while a blend of vitamin B6 and magnesium helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

30 scoops per container.

MaxiNutrition Cyclone £39.99 from MaxiNutrition.com

protein blendsCyclone is an all-in-one shake designed to help you push harder. Cyclone is a protein-rich shake and every serving of the triple release protein formula delivers 30g of fast acting and slow-release proteins to aid muscle growth. Every serving is also packed with calcium HMB, zinc, glutamine and creatine. Typically,

A 1.2kg tub equates to 20 servings.

Multipower Complete All in One Formula £59.99

MultipowerConsisting of five time-coordinated protein sources and a special carbohydrate developed for athletes (Vitargo), the good solubility – and great taste – make it the perfect supplement for between or after training. Available in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavours, and suitable for vegetarians, Gluten/aspartmane free.

Sixty-six servings per 2kg.

PHD Synergy ISO-7® Powder £39.99

PHDSynergy ISO-7® provides a huge 40g of multi-release protein per serving, which is 10% more than it used to. With added CreaPep™ to facilitate efficient transportation of the 5g of creatine monohydrate within each serving, it is one of the most intelligent all-in-one formulas available.

Thirty servings per 2kg.

Reflex One Stop Xtreme All in One £52.99

One Stop Xtreme is the result of decades of experience and the ability to understand and extrapolate real data from real studies relating to sports performance. It delivers 55g protein, 10.3g BCAAs, 73g low GI carbohydrates, 5,000mg Creapure® Creatine, 100% RDA of daily vitamins, LAB2PRO® friendly bacteria and DigeZyme digestive enzyme complex. This means that every shake delivers a powerful serving.

Fourteen servings per 2kg.


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