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What’s on: BESTFIT TV 2 Episode 1


The first episode of Series 2 aired and we have so much in store for you with BESTFIT TV becoming a 10-part show!

Faris flew all the way to sunny Lanzarote, one of the Canary islands, for a stay in Club La Santa health and fitness resort. When you hear ‘resort’, you think of relaxation and spa treatments… and you can definitely have all that, but expect to work up a sweat! Faris went out of his comfort zone and tried anything from crossfit classes to Les Mills BODYCOMBAT. What an experience!

Crossfit class at Club La Santa
Les Mills BODYCOMBAT at Club La Santa

We also got to meet Ruth and her lovely family. This 10-week body transformation is meant to help her lose all the baby weight, starting at 84kg. Her fitness journey just started and, with the help of her PT, Adam Haines, and the new Shapewatch app, she will be able to keep on track and track her progress. How will she balance the busy lifestyle of a mother while taking some time for herself?

Ruth using the Shapewatch app
Ruth's first training session with PT Adam Haines

Laura Crane (pro surfer, Love Island 2018) was invited for dinner at Matt and Steph’s house, where he cooks a delicious healthy meal for the ladies! The recipe was super easy and you all need to try it! Watch the video for the recipe details.

That was Laura’s fuel for the next day, when she had a rough start with our ‘Train with’ feature, training like a true rugby player. Leeds Rhino Stevie Ward was the first athlete to join us and we believe he made Laura think twice about her choices!

Train With... Stevie Ward

Finally, this season you’ll see more of your favourite performance nutritionist Ben Coomber, sharing his advice with all of you. For the first episode, we talked protein madness… Do you really need to buy protein-enhanced products? To answer this question, you need to be aware of your protein intake and your needs, but your first choice should always be natural protein sources.

Stay tuned for more fitness inspiration and tips!


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