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Grooming – Beat the Bald

Perhaps you comb it forward for the Julius Caesar, comb it over for the Bobby Charlton, or maybe you favour the Prince William and just let nature do its thing. If you fall into the half of the male population who suffer from hair loss, then take some comfort in the fact it’s almost certainly down to genetics and was never going to be an easy battle to win.

What is Hairloss?

MPB, or male-pattern baldness, is the most common cause of thinning hair in chaps as young as their late-20s and will usually have taken hold by their late-30s. Men can inherit a gene, leaving them with high sensitivity to a hormone called DHT (let’s just cut out all the long words). In most men, about 5% of their serum testosterone is converted to DHT by an enzyme. If you have the inherited sensitivity, DHT can have a toxic effect on hair follicles, preventing them from properly absorbing nutrients and causing progressive miniaturisation. This miniaturisation is the biggest hurdle with hair loss; over time the follicle slows down the growth of hair and the strength and diameter of the hair strand itself, eventually leading to complete loss. Most commonly, the temples and mid scalp area are most effected and results of this can be seen on the likes of Jason Statham or Bruce Willis. See, even the big guns tackle a bit of baldness.

Of course it’s wrong to assume that being follicle-y challenged bothers men, some just buzz-cut it all and get on with life. Yet if your baldness does trouble you, then there are a whole array of nutrient-packed supplements, scalp-stimulating shampoos and other measures, like ‘The Rooney’ for example, for you to consider.

Can I prevent it? 

Firstly, supplements are a really effective way to get extra nutrients into your body. In this case, Nanogen, the UK’s leading hair growth experts, have formulated a supplement capsule specifically for guys that are 20+. Not only that, it’s also tailored to guys that are highly active. They suggest frequent heavy training increases the chances of hair loss due to increased levels of androgenic hormones. The formula is designed to encourage healthy hair growth, whilst increasing focus and energy levels. This is a good product for early prevention, and to maintain hair health.

Upgrading your shampoo is an easy way to get some hair loss management into your grooming routine. One name you’re bound to have heard is Alpecin. This ‘German engineered’ shampoo is designed to stimulate the hair follicle using super concentrated caffeine. We’ve selected the Double Caffeine Effect Shampoo, which firstly works at loosening scaly dandruff from the scalp, then allows the caffeine complex to penetrate through to the root. Perfect for dandruff sufferers and early hair loss.

The LA Science Follicle Stimulating shampoo takes a slightly different approach. This formula is packed with growth-factor-mimicking peptides that when massaged into the roots during shampooing, encourages hair growth, but also helps thicken and strengthen existing hair strands. A great product for early to mid signs of hair loss.

Regaine is more of a treatment and designed to be used alongside your existing grooming rituals. This product focuses specifically on hereditary hair loss, using a foam format that is massaged directly into the hair root. The key with this formula is the 5% concentration of its active ingredient, Minoxidil. This ingredient is proven to stimulate the blood supply to the hair follicles, thus strengthening and encouraging new hair growth.

What’s the best treatment? 

If you’re already a well-seasoned hair loss sufferer and are yet to find the product to preserve your follicles then there are other methods to explore. After Wayne Rooney publicly declared his problematic widow’s peak back in 2010, men all over the UK have been exploring hair transplant procedures.

The Yorkshire Hair Replacement Clinic offers the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure, specifically U-FUE where hair doesn’t need to be shaved prior to the procedure. Essentially, using delicate specialist techniques, active healthy hair follicles are removed from a donor area at the back of the head and replanted in the thinning area. The surgeon works at replacing one hair follicle at a time to reduce scarring to the patient. This is described as a non-surgical procedure, as there is no general anaesthetic, which makes the recovery process far quicker and easier. Although based in Leeds, YHRC use a Theatre in Dublin where they work with a surgeon rated second best on the planet for U-FUE hair transplants; number one is one of his pupils! Clients are chaperoned to Dublin by a YHRC representative and the procedure can be carried out in one day, or alternatively a stay over can be scheduled if you feel you would like the time for an overnight recovery. All potential patients are screened for their suitability and those successful are given a results guarantee from the clinic. This procedure could see you back at work within two days, go on to have a healthier hairline and even regain some of the confidence you might have lost. Go online at www.yorkshirehairreplacementclinic.co.uk to read more about the other procedures they also offer, or contact them to discuss your personal hair problems and schedule a consultation.

Hair loss can often be a sore subject but the products and procedures to help prevent it needn’t be.

One tip: stay away from the hair fibre products, hair-in-a-can is never going to be a good look.