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Bear Grylls – What makes the adventurer tick?

Bear Grylls – What makes the adventurer tick?


“i’ve never seen Bear Grylls too tired to train. his commitment is constant despite climbing the summit of his career and enjoying a great family life..”


“The true inspiration here is not only his current fitness levels but also that he manages to fit all this in and maintain his focus despite his schedule. How does he do it?”

“We pride ourselves that these workouts can still deliver great results and maintain optimal fitness levels.”

“I know that Bear puts a huge emphasis on training and fuelling well. He often says that for him it is key to performing well in the wild. Maintaining that discipline is all about good planning and time management, not to mention making effective training and good nutrition a priority in his day.”

“That’s why we make sure we create and design workouts that can be easily adapted to fit in with last-minute diary schedules, even if it leaves him just ten minutes to train. We pride ourselves that these workouts can still deliver great results and maintain optimal fitness levels. Want to know how?

“Our method is simple: maximum effort in minimum time, commit to train and train with intensity.”

Bear is currently filming a second series of his hit NBC show Running Wild and is gearing up for the return of ITV’s Mission Survive.

“These shoots can be massively challenging physically but to keep him strong, lean, flexible and cardio fit we designed the Hero workouts. He uses these up to five times a week, each lasting from between 10 to 30 minutes.

“If Bear can find 10 minutes in his day, we challenge all of you to find 10 minutes and join him.” Turn over to find out how…”


bears’ running wild 2 hero workout

  1. warm up
  2. Complete each of the following exercises for 45 seconds as a circuit with 15 seconds in between exercises.

Once you have finished, rest for one minute and repeat twice for 30 mins or three times for 45 mins.

Repeat twice for a 30-minute workout, three times for an extreme 45-minute workout or:

3. Rest, recover, complete a full body cool down and refuel.



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