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If you fancy arms like Rafa and the stamina of Murray, then the team at La Manga Club are ready to help you upgrade your game


Following the amazing tennis on display at the Australian Open, and with summer just round the corner, now is an ideal time to start your tennis training and improve your lifestyle. Everyone is aware of the physical benefits that the sport can offer; a great cardio workout, with heart-pumping interval training, increased flexibility and improved hand-eye coordination; added to this the competitive aspect and the sense of achievement in improving and/or learning a new skill.

“I have seen in excess of over 2,500 players on our academy programmes each year,” explains James Rose, Director of Tennis Coaching at La Manga Club. “Year on year, I continue to see players of all ages, from those just starting out, to seasoned pros. The game and unique La Manga Club environment brings all these players together in a special way which makes the sport so desirable.

“The inclusion of Cardio Tennis into our tennis programme a few years ago has been a great success, running sessions for both adults and juniors has provided an intense workout for all level of players. Moreover, it has been a fantastic introduction to tennis for many.”


 The workout

Cardio tennis is a fun group activity and is a great way for players to enjoy the game. It is an excellent way to get into a more active lifestyle, meet new people and improve your tennis. In about an hour, you can get an amazing workout, burning as much as 600-700 Kcal. Research shows that interval training is a great way to burn fat, decrease cardiovascular risk and improves sleep quality.


Format of the session: based on 12 players

  • Full session lasts for 45 minutes-60 minutes. It is composed of three circuits of eight minutes, with four minutes break between each circuit, allowing players to pick up the ball and hydrate


  • A circuit is composed of two fitness exercises on the side of the court and one tennis exercise. Players work for 20 seconds and then have a break for 20 seconds, allowing the other group to start working.


  • With this format, there can be a maximum of 12 players – six are working when six are resting. The coach is standing at the middle of the court hand feeding. It allows the coach to adapt the pace and the frequency according to the level of each player.


  • The time is controlled by an application on the phone which is connected to a speaker allowing music to be played on the tennis court. Players and coach know when they stop and when they start their workout.


Warm Up:  Phase 1 Muscular Activation


Exercise 1 

10 half squats on spot


Exercise 2

10 calf raises on spot (without barbell)


Exercise 312 front lunges (5 each leg)


Exercise 4

12 side lunges (6 each leg)


Exercise 510 single leg squats (5 each leg)


Tennis exercise 1 – 20s

2 players standing on the baseline, one hitting forehand, one hitting backhand (if both players right-handed) –

Coach throws tennis balls during 20s so around 12-15 balls in 20s.


Fitness exercise 1 

Player starts to the left outside of the yellow cones and right leg up. He has to step laterally with 2 feet between each yellow cone to finish on his right-leg outside the right line.

Teaching point: contact time on the ground has to be short.  Control posture and technique.


Fitness exercise 2

Ladder exercise to develop footwork and coordination. Ensuring correct posture and technique.

Try to minimise contact time on the ground.


Fitness exercise 3 

Medicine Ball exercise to develop core stability, balance and upper body power.

2 players facing each other throwing the ball to their forehand with semi open stance.


About the La Manga Club team

James Rose  has been Director of Tennis Coaching at La Manga Club for eight years. He is responsible for making the venue perfect as both an international training base and family holiday destination. Baptiste Bardey is a strength and conditioning coach with more than ten years of experience working with ATP/WTA and International Junior tennis players.


About the venue

The quality of the facilities at La Manga Club’s 28-court Tennis Centre makes it one of Spain’s finest outdoor facilities. It has played host to prestigious events such as Davis Cup matches, the Fed Cup and ATP tournaments. Complementing the courts is the Tennis Academy, which offers tailored tennis coaching for players of all ages and levels.