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Soul Circus yoga festival – 18-20 August, Gloucester

Soul Circus yoga festival – 18-20 August, Gloucester


Soul Circus yoga festival
18-20 August, Gloucester


2017 is proving to be the year of the fitness festival, and Soul Circus aims to enrich your life with all kinds of new experiences, including discovering inspiring new musical talent.

Soul Circus is brimming with all the things that make you feel good – and music is definitely one of the biggest mood-boosters around.

You’ll find great music floating through the air all through the festival weekend – from headliners on the main stage, to live acoustic performances, and intimate tunes while you’re enjoying a treat in the Circus Kitchen Café. Expect buskers, bands and a DJ afterparty in the woods to keep you entertained throughout the day and night.
You can start each day with an outdoor sunrise yoga class to soak up nature before challenging yourself with something new, like aerial yoga or restorative yoga with uplifting Rocket.
You can expect good food, too. They use local farmers and ingredients to ensure you’re fuelled for the weekend.

Whether it’s detoxing or retoxing, Soul Circus has the meal and drink for you!


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