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Dirty Hero – 22 July, North Yorkshire


Dirty Hero – 22 July, North Yorkshire


Dirty Hero
22 July, North Yorkshire


Dirty Hero is a ten-mile (or five-mile) obstacle course challenge designed to test your inner hero.

You’ll need to go above and beyond to not only to get yourself around the course but to help others around you complete the challenge as well.

Dirty Hero is very much based on camaraderie and will certainly require elements of teamwork at some of the obstacles, whether it’s a simple leg up over one of the higher walls, a helping hand to get a fellow hero out of the mud pit or even words of encouragement to somebody near you who is contemplating jumping into ice cold water or leaping from a platform.

It doesn’t matter if you enter as an individual or as part of a team, it’s simply about pulling together to overcome the amazing challenges laid out around the course. You will be tested and pushed out of your comfort zone, but the satisfaction of conquering those challenges of overcoming your doubts and achieving something that is truly worthy of hero status awaits you.

Don’t be put off by a lack of fitness or a fear of the challenges. There will be others thinking the exact same thing, but with a little determination and courage, you too can become a hero.
Participants do not need to be able to swim. The minimum age to take part is 16 with no upper limit, and they openly encourage people of all ages to take part and enjoy the atmosphere.

To take part in North Yorkshire’s newest event, hitting Duncombe Park estate in Helmsley in July, simply visit bestfitmagazine.co.uk/outdoor-events-listings-guide