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BESTFIT Issue 14 – Weekender

BESTFIT Issue 14 – Weekender


Weekender-cover‘Contenders..Rrrrready?’ Rough Runner

If you ever sat at home watching game shows such as Ninja Warrior thinking you could do better, now is the time to prove it!

Rough Runner is a new and exciting obstacle course race that pays homage to legendary game shows such as Takeshi’s castle, Wipeout, Gladiator and more. It even includes the legendary Travelator!

Taking place on October 24 and 25 at the Tatton Estate in Manchester, RR is unlike any other obstacle race in that there’s no electrocution, no fires or freezing. Instead, you’ll find a challenging test of endurance set against a backdrop of obstacles you used to watch in your favourite TV shows.

“We believe the current OCR scene isn’t appealing to enough people,” explains founder, Jonathan Geitner. “So many events do the same thing: military-style obstacles such as climbing walls, mud pits, and barbed wire crawls. Some have dialled up the pain factor to excessive extremes, with ice baths and even tear gas! For some, that’s really good, but our mission is to replace the pain with pure fun by bringing your favourite TV game shows to life. We’ll give you the chance to dodge sweeper arms, bounce through big balls, challenge the Cyclone and take on the Travelator.”

Ticket prices range between £42 and £70 depending on when you buy them [there are discounts for early purchase, and for BESTFIT readers], whether you’re taking part as an individual or team, and whether you choose 5km, 10km, or 10-mile run. There are limited tickets remaining, so get yours before it’s too late!

To receive a 10% discount off your entry price, just add the discount code “RRM2015” when you visit www.roughrunner.com

October 24-25



night-swimAspire Night Swim

Looking to do something a little different yet challenging?  If so, have you ever tried lake swimming at night?

The Aspire Night Swim gives you the chance to try your hand at this underrated activity, whilst also helping to raise funds for a good cause.

Two swims are on offer at the event in Liverpool. For first-time night swimmers looking to test the waters, a 750m swim provides the perfect opportunity to experience this activity without pushing you too far out of your depth. For those more familiar with the practice, or for anyone looking to test themselves and their abilities in dark waters, a 1,500m swim is available. Both swims are wetsuit optional – just in case some were looking to brave the cold with bare skin. The price of entry also comes with a swim hat and glow stick, so that swimmers can find their way through the dark lake tides.

Never fear though, the Aspire Night Swim team includes paddlers and a safety boat crew to make sure all swimmers stay safe. Prizes will also be on offer for the first male and female to complete either course in both wetsuit and non-wetsuit categories. All entrants will also receive a bespoke medal – a little extra motivation for anyone debating whether to take part. So for anyone in and around the Liverpool or Oxford areas looking for a fresh, somewhat chilly challenge, this may be the event for you.

Saturday 3 October, Liverpool, Saturday 10 October, Oxford


cycleTrent Valley Sportive 100

As Britain’s longest sportive route, the 100 series finishes the season amongst the beautiful countryside surrounding Lincolnshire for the toughest ride yet.

Offering two spectacular routes, this event is sure to whet the appetite of anyone looking for a challenging cycle season finale – both routes have been designed to test the endurance and stamina capabilities of those that take part.

The infamous 100 miler begins with 40 miles of rolling countryside that circumnavigates Lincoln, before taking riders up into the Lincolnshire Wolds for 40 miles of tough hill climbs. The ride will finish with another 20 miles of rolling countryside, allowing you to catch your breath as you head for home, having captured 3,000ft over the whole journey. The longest route promises to get your legs working and your heart pumping.

To allow everyone to get involved, there is also a shorter route on offer – the 100km. This ride shares the same route as the 100 miler for the first 35 miles before separating to take in the sites of Lincoln itself.  To make sure it isn’t too easy, there are also 24 miles of hill climbing to complete before finishing up back in Gainsborough, having captured a total of 1,600ft during the ride itself.

All riders that take part will gain access to an ample supply of food, at the two feeding stations provided. Supplies will include SIS electrolytes, cake and Haribo – plenty of fuel to get you past those gruelling hill climbs. Challenge accepted?

Sunday 18 October


WEEKENDER-timetabletough-muddermuddy-awesomeThis was my first chance to try out all the new obstacles for the 2015 season, including Cry Baby (the dreaded faux tear gas), King of the Swingers, Pyramid Scheme and Dead Ringer. King of the Swingers made it feel like you were flying high. First, you jumped off a raised platform to grab hold of a trapeze bar, then swing, then hit a dangling bell and drop into water below.

Teamwork obstacles were a particular highlight and really do set Tough Mudder apart from others in the OCR calendar. Hold Your Wood, Pyramid Scheme and Everest 2.0 are notable ones, where it’s necessary to help your fellow Mudders, whether they are your teammates or complete strangers. I found out It’s always good to have a helping hand to drag you up over the top after an almost vertical and very slippery incline. There’s also nothing that bonds your team better than seeing with pride what everyone can achieve both together and individually.

Other highlights included the Hero Walls (a series of increasingly high walls), Hero Carry (literally carrying a teammate on your back through ankle-deep water) and the climb to the highest elevation point through beautiful moorland to take in the views of the course and surrounding area.

Would I recommend? Certainly. Queues at obstacles aside (this seemed to be an issue this year due to the rising popularity of the event, with people reporting waiting times of over an hour), this is a cracking event. Let’s be honest, it is big bucks, but the level of investment is represented by the obstacle innovation and execution, refueling stations and safety precautions (yes, there are even skilled under-water divers ready at the deep water obstacles).

Although arguably not as tough as other races on the OCR scene (still, 10.6 miles is not to be scoffed at), and a dream for a newcomer to the sport, this is the ultimate race for teamwork obstacles.

Advice? Run in the earliest wave you can manage. You’ll get a fresher course and will beat the queues at the obstacles. You may want to take it easy and not want to run for time, but standing around wet and muddy in the cold when you don’t have to isn’t fun for anyone. I clocked up a total elevation of 961ft, so if you’re determined to keep running at all costs, stamina is essential.

Next up in my race diary: Spartan Beast, Airfield Anarchy and Nuclear Fallout.

Find a Tough Mudder event near you at www.toughmudder.co.uk. Tough Mudder returns to Yorkshire’s Broughton Hall Estate on Saturday 6th August 2016. Registration is now open, sign up early for the cheapest price




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