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WellBrix – Massage in a Backpack

WellBrix – Massage in a Backpack


A new way to relieve sore muscles, without forking out for a massage. The WellBrix modular massage system consists of magnetically linking blocks that effectively simulate a therapists elbow, knuckles and thumbs to offer the best in home-remedy massage. The system has been designed specially to both prevent injury and heal sore muscles, while making sure you feel fantastic afterwards. 

The WellBrix system is based on a principle that chooses compression instead of rolling, as the most effective method for getting oxygen and fresh nutrients through your muscle fibres, for instant release. Designed for ease of use, these portable blocks can stick to any surface, including walls, meaning you can get that much needed muscle release anywhere. Take them to the office or stick them in your kitchen while you prepare your meals; a little regular massage can help to keep your muscles injury free. 

These blocks are especially useful for the healing and prevention of issues such as backache, tennis and golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel, tight calves and hamstrings, piriformis syndrome and even headaches. A little massage goes a long, long way...


Price: from £34 www.wellbrix.com 

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