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BESTFIT Reviews Issue 23: For Goodness Shakes, Runderwear, PRIR & More…

BESTFIT Reviews Issue 23: For Goodness Shakes, Runderwear, PRIR & More…




Hydrating drinks, multicoloured sports products and pimped-up tech, it’s this month’s hot list



Get More

Get More

If you’re looking for optimum benefits from your drink, or you children’s drink, then Get More and A little More are great low-calorie and vitamin-enriched alternatives. Made with spring water, the range is naturally flavoured and sugar-free. Winning.

Price: from £1.45  www.getmorevits.co.uk 

Nike Ordem 4

Nike Ordem 4

The official match ball for the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A, the Ordem 4 uses a wrapped bladder system to ensure a smooth, consistent surface for optimal tough and accurate flight. Also featuring ‘Flow Motion’ design and geometric 12 panel fuse-welded construction.

Price: £95 www.store.nike.com

X-Box One S

X-Box One S

The new console offers a 40 per cent smaller design, sleek look and ultra HD 4K graphics. Having reduced the bulk, the power transformer brick can now be found inside the smaller case. A new customisable textured grip controller will also be available in 2017.

Price: £349.99 www.xbox.com



Chafing is just one of the pitfalls we can experience when running, but the latest Runderwear collection is the perfect tonic. These seamless beauties ensure less sweat, less friction and therefore less irritation. We tested them in peak heat, and they’re sensational.

Price: £16.00-£25.00 www.runderwear.co.uk

Adidas Ultra-Boost Uncaged

Adidas Ultra-Boost Uncaged

“Your greatest run ever” says the blurb. That’s a big statement, but there’s no doubt these are among the most responsive, supportive and flexible we’ve tried. Designed to ensure less fatigue, too.

Price: £129.95 www.adidas.co.uk

Polar A360

A wrist-based heart rate fitness tracker, featuring Polar personalised training guidance, as well 24/7 activity tracking, the new A360 even has smartwatch features. Track your steps and distance through an accelerometer via the wrist, and measure your ‘Smart Calories’.

Price £149.50 www.polar.com

Yale Keyfree Connected Smart Lock

Can’t remember where you left your front door key? Going for a run and have no pockets for your keys? Say hello to Yale’s digital door lock. Simply stick in a pin code, use your Remote Fob or even your smart phone, and in you go. Convenient, and more secure. Bosh.

Price: £444 www.yalestore.co.uk

Nike Tennis Court Tech 1 Backpack

Wimbledon has long gone but the allure of the court remains strong. Look the bizzo with Nike’s new bag, which can hold up to 12 rackets… perfect for those with court rage! It has stabilising feet, insulated pockets to prevent string tension, and padded back and straps.

Price: £85 www.nike.com

Arena Cobra Ultra Mirror Goggle

Time to pimp your Swimming outfit with these multi-coloured goggles. They come with five interchangeable nose bridges and mirrored lenses. The result? A perfect fit, sleek design and optimal peripheral vision, perfect for avoiding others in your lane.

Price: £35.25 www.arenawaterinstinct.com

Caffland Portable Coffee

As a nation we’re drinking more coffee on the go but with high-street prices on the rise, the Caffiano all-in-one is a godsend. It’s a drip kettle, hand-mill grinder, metal filter dripper and tumbler cup in one, a world first, which makes it cheaper and more convenient without compromising on the quality of your brew.

Price: £64.87 www.amazon.co.uk


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