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Save some pennies and eat healthy with Too Good to Waste by Victoria Glass


Waste Not


Food waste is something we can all admit to, but the current rate of waste in the UK is enough to make anyone feel nauseous. However, it seems we can do a lot more about it than we think, as one creative food writer shows in her new book Too Good to Waste. Victoria Glass and her innovative recipes will attempt to persuade you that it is in fact okay to use bacon fat for mayonnaise, or bone marrow when making toffee. Not only will you save a few pennies by using literally everything you buy, but you’ll also be able to rethink what you throw away and why, whilst also lending a hand to the planet. And why wouldn’t you want to try your hand at Pumpkin Skin Chutney, or Wilted Watercress Wonton Soup? This is no ordinary cookbook.

  • 4.4 million tonnes of household food waste thrown away in 2015 could have been used
  • Thats £13 billion worth of food wasted, an average of £470 per household
  • This generated 19 million tonnes of greenhouse gases over its lifetime