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A Healthy Desk is key to less stress and bacteria

A Healthy Desk is key to less stress and bacteria


Healthy Desk Essentials Guide


It’s no secret that sedentary office jobs are allowing us to pick up some unhealthy habits; here are a few ways we might be able to tackle these. For those of us battling the pre-lunchtime hunger pangs, keep a healthy snack near to stabilise blood sugar levels and keep your concentration levels steady. Stressful times usually call for stressed-out eating, and every office has their stash of sugary treats; avoid diving into these with a lipstick-sized appetite suppressant called Slissie. The smell and taste of it has been designed to tell our brain that our cravings have been satisfied. The workplace is often prime breeding ground for the spread of germs and illness, especially during cold and flu season. Keeping stocked up on Vitamin D will help you fight off the flu like a pro. Finally, invest in a little desk plant to help extend your attention span; a recent study proved it works, and a little colour will do wonders for an otherwise dull desk space.