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Are you an Everyday Athlete?

Are you an Everyday Athlete?


Everyday Athlete


Despite the fitness industry boom in recent years, there are still 20 million Brits that remain physically inactive, according to the British Heart Foundation. These people might not realise that it only takes 21 minutes of exercise daily to improve life span; a survey done by Vitality revealed that 150 minutes of exercise a week (the government recommended amount) was enough to extend life expectancy by three years. This comes as part of their ‘Everyday Athlete’ campaign to convince those of us with a phobia for exercise, that everyday occurrences such as stair climbing and gardening, can make a significant difference to our health. Just one hour of housework a day can rid you of 210 calories week, while taking a walk with the kid for 20 minutes a day can shed 349 calories on a weekly basis. As easy as that? It would seem so.


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