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Final Fantasy XV Gladiolus Workout

Final Fantasy XV Gladiolus Workout


Level up with our Final Fantasy XV Workout


Time to get role-play fit, says David Amerland.

Workout by Darebee

If you have ever driven to work but can’t remember how you got there, then you know exactly what it’s like when the brain goes on autopilot. This phenomenon is common, but it’s only recently that neuroscientists have been able to figure out how and why it happens. The reason this is important is because that’s exactly how Role Playing Game (RPG) fitness works. The latest studies show that the brain is constantly switching parts of itself off and on, making a critical judgement on what’s required and where it can save resources in processing information. Things we do every day fall into routine patterns. That means we are highly adept at doing them.

Exercise is no different. The moment we begin to push our body past its comfortable aerobic load levels, our muscles begin to run out of fuel, it experiences physical stress and we begin to feel a growing sense of discomfort. In order for the body to activate its adaptive response and trigger the physiological changes that use up excess fat, build muscle and improve our aerobic capacity, we need to spend as much of our exercise time as possible in that state of discomfort. But that truly requires a titanic battle of mind over matter.

This is where RPG fitness and Darebee workouts come in…

Final fantasy

Become Someone Else!

Role Playing while we exercise uses the brain’s own circuitry to trick it into delivering the laser-like motivation and ability to concentrate like a professional athlete. By training our body as the Final Fantasy character Gladiolus, and preparing for the battles ahead, we leave behind all the everyday demands that clamour for our attention. Our mind is engaged in building up the character we are becoming.

Gladiolus is the eldest son of a household tasked with protecting the royal family from generation to generation. A close friend of Noctis, who is closer to him than a true brother, he is a natural fighter. He enjoys the challenge of combat and is always researching techniques and skills. His physical presence and sense of total control of his body require functional strength, coordination, a powerful core, strong abs and arms.

The exercises of the Gladiolus workout are designed to build the kind of functional strength and physical power a natural fighter needs. As you perform them, flowing smoothly from one to the next, they gradually and persistently deplete the body’s muscles of their fuel, tax the lungs and push us against the limits of our personal, physical comfort zone.

RPG workouts are enjoyable because we can, indeed, visualize the character getting stronger, improving each time we work out, testing the limits of his physical power and looking for ways to improve and increase it.

So, if you truly want to get fitter, faster, and exercise more regularly and feel good while doing it, leave yourself behind. Slip into the Final Fantasy world and prepare as Gladiolus. The universe now depends on you and the defeat of great evil rests upon your efforts.

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