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BESTFIT Issue 10 – Dancing

BESTFIT Issue 10 – Dancing


Issue 10 BESTFIT Dancing cover

BESTFIT Issue 10 Pole Dancing “A lot of people worry about pole dancing being too seedy, or they think it should stay in strip clubs. Yet there are many forms of pole dancing these days and you can wear trainers, a sports top and shorts, or six-inch heels with a sparkly outfit if that’s what you prefer. Either way, you make it what you want. We’re open to all styles and if someone wants to wear trainers, they can. If someone loves to wear heels, they can do that too. There is nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself while keeping fit, whether that’s by pole dancing or running a mile; either way it’s whatever works for the individual.

“Before I tried pole dancing I was a very shy and insecure person. I worried about the way I looked. I have always been slim, but I worried about other silly things… “Am I too pale?”, “I can’t wear this tight fitting top because I have no boobs to go with it”, “Will people look at the veins on my legs if I wear a skirt?” and so on. All women hate something about themselves and over-think the smallest things that actually don’t matter.
“After learning to dance, I now perform on stage, compete in big competitions and teach the most amazing, lovely students. Yet most of all, I don’t care what people think of me. I am happy in my own skin and proud of what I do. This is why I teach today. If I can feel this way from pole dancing, then I can help others not only keep fit but accept the beautiful people they are, inside and out.

“And it’s not just pole dancing… we like to hang upside down on other pieces of fun equipment, like aerial hoops (a solid stainless steel ring suspended in the air), aerial silks (strong fabric we wrap ourselves in and create pretty shapes) and the static trapeze (a solid bar fixed to lengths of rope in the air, like a big swing). These are all circus arts and we offer classes for beginners. It is another fun way to keep fit while having fun. Not everyone hangs upside down in their fitness classes, so it’s something different to try… and help you feel awesome! “Still wondering if these are for you? Here are some the of most common questions I get from women thinking about giving pole dancing a try:

BESTFIT Issue 10 Pole Dancing “Will this help me lose weight?” Or: “Will this get rid of my tummy fat after giving birth?” Yes, pole dancing can help you lose weight, but one class a week won’t do much without eating well alongside this and doing more cardio-based exercise. ‘Pole’ helps a lot with toning up, as it can require lifting your own body weight once you start spinning and learning tricks. Beginners-based classes are more about the dance and linking transitions together with basic spins while building up your strength and confidence.

“Do I weigh too much for the poles?” The poles we have in our studio are fixed to the floor and ceiling and aren’t going anywhere, so no, no-one is too heavy to pole dance!

“Am I too old?” You’re never too old! I have students of all ages attending classes, some in their 50s.

For more information about learning pole dancing and other circus acts, visit www.emilyspolefitness.co.uk or follow @EmilyPoleSmith









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