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RunRepeat Research: How Many of Us Have Returned to the Gym?

RunRepeat Research: How Many of Us Have Returned to the Gym?


Gyms in the UK have been open for quite a while now, but how many of us have actually gone back? Some interesting statistics were discovered in a recent survey by the RunRepeat Research Department, where they asked 5,055 gym members if they have returned to the gym or have stayed away from it.

The study found that most gym members do not want to and are not planning to go back to the gym anytime soon. Only 32.14% have returned to the gyms in the UK, and 57.98% have either already cancelled their membership or are planning to do so.

People are afraid to go back to gyms, as the virus is still highly active around the world, and the cases are rising in some countries, indicating high possibilities of a second wave. It is understandable that a lot of gym goers across the World want to protect themselves and reduce their risks of Covid-19. Unfortunately, over half of the gym goers who have not yet returned to their gyms (55.29%) have no plans to do so either.

What about our physical health? What about strength training, which is so important for our immune system, bone density and our metabolism? There are a number of ways that we can get around the crowd and minimise our risk of catching a virus when at the gym. We have made a short checklist to help you ensure that you are going in safely and are protected in the best way possible.

  1. Wipe and clean your equipment thoroughly. This is such a simple thing to do, but not everyone seems to comply to it. Clean both before and after yourself, but focus more on before, as you have no idea how well or if the last person cleaned it after themselves.
  2. Wear a mask and gloves. It is not mandatory in the UK to wear them, but if you are afraid, you can increase the level of protection. Gloves that fully cover your hands are especially important and it is good practice to wash them after every session.
  3. Maintain your distance. 2 meters apart is a surely safe distance, and with less people in gyms, it is quite easy to maintain. If others do not respect a distance, ask them politely to move away.
  4. Wash your gym kit after every session. You will be in contact with gym equipment one way or the other. Washing your gym clothes after each use will kill anything on the clothing and help reduce the spread of the virus.
  5. Do have of your workouts at home, and go to the gym for the other half. Home workouts are great to keep you active. Complimenting them with gym sessions will help you support overall health and your immune system, while reducing your risk of infection.
  6. Go at off-peak times, such as early mornings or late evenings. The less people there are in the gym, the easier it is to maintain distance and the less chance there is to catch the virus.


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